Tuesday, 28 July 2009


HA !

oh what larks.. i'm laughing manically to myself on my bed of pain with the window of life open and blowing gusts of hormones down my jammie top. i have finally given in to insanity and embraced it while ramming it's ugly head into my tiny bossoms. it hasn't surfaced for the past hour..
i'm a tad concered to be frank.

yesss, earlier today i was fighting back tears of anger when absolutely everything vital i did went utterly knockers up. then as i was teetering precariously on the edge of my bed, attempting to blow one of my beloved candles out, ordered to do so by Cameron McD-B, as he was worried i was going to suffocate. i first rejected his request, then when i went downstairs i flung myself back up them, remembering i'd left a window open so it was highly likely my room was soon to be ablaze. going back to the point, i decided that i was going to give up. eschew all sexual fandangos from whichever blind and dilusional pillocks request them, and let my legs grow hairy untill i can comb them.

although i might actually reject that last idea.. as much as i want to be care free and feministic, i really think hairy legs are simply not optional. urgh.

but yes ! i have embraced my madness and all the rest that darnwell goes with it, decided to let people take me as i am without longer legs or a perfectly flat stomach. i've accepted that i'm always going to be at least a little bit fat. sadly that was the way God made me, although i reckon on that day he was feeling rather vindictive. 'tis a personal opinion i feel (':
i have also accepted that it can work for me to stay single for a bit, no matter if i'm hung up on Sebastian the great noob, or not. i shall have rumpy pumpy and a cosy little boyfriend when i feel 'tis right. my lord, i am a changed girl, now bless me with interchangable iris' please :D

although this week began spectacuarly craply, i have somehow succeeded in tidying my room and throwing a heck of alot of junk out. i have also seen my carpet.
this is for the first time in roughly 14 years, that i have seen the bloody thing. from the age of 2, i abused the space and filled it with cuddly toys, clothes, hair (not intentional), paper, pens, dvds, hair products, erected various pieces of furniture (blame Cam McD-B for the bit of erection. it's his blog.) and just general shit. so now, 'tis reasonably fluff free, dust free, hair free, and my sheepskin rug thing that my mom makes me keep in my room, is lovely and fluffy as i whacked the crap out of it earlier and watched the dust float into the sky. it meant i got covered in dust as well, but it was awesomee for stress relief :D

so now, with the relief of ear sex, (immensly good music) a tidy room, burning candles, and with the thoughts of a free woman, i am now marginally happy. although still not completely wonderful, it's alot better than i have been for the last couple of days.

riiiight, my coffee calls and i have an urge to watch the mummy returns. possibly because i watched the mummy the other day. although i had a Bridget Jones saga, and then shaun of the dead and hot fuzz. you can tell i have alot of time on my hands.. although when thursday comes i get to see my mobile turd and eat COCO ROCKS xD
i love Daaaaais i tell you..



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