Sunday, 24 January 2010

phwoar crikey..

Howdy campers.. it has been a while since we three joined hands and galloped gailey round the campfire isn't it just?

Been an odd week actually, Monday was plain BAD, started off having an argument with Joshua, bad times. Then Tuesday pretty much followed suit, then Wednesday gave me a bit of diversity which was BIEN! Thursday felt like Friday and I spent far too much time inhaling glue fumes trying to finish of my mum's birthday card, ditto Friday. My mum's 60th! And I organised a pretty darn goos shin-dig if I may say so myself (': 
Everyone I invited turned up which was faaantastic :D I think it was more the prospect of free food, and more importantly, free alcohol. I'm surprised my brother didn't come back for it but meh, guess it's just how the world rolls. Managed to talk to Gareth, Will, Ele and various other family friends while they were here though, so t'was goooood :D not that I was implying it wasn't in the first place of course.. Oooo Facebook (': 

Oh. Only Daisy. Nevermiiiind.

Mum loved saturday anyway :D bless her, she almost started crying when she saw all her chums, lets hope it's because she was so stupendously happy eh? Managed to snaffle many an embarressing and amusing photo to stick up in the living room, I'm amazed we all managed to fit in the house! There were loads.. this is bearing in mind my house is actually fairly pokey. Mum's also saying that we might be getting my laptop soon! Eeeeee!
Hopefully try and rope Gareth into setting it up and teaching me how to drive maybe? He's known me since I was a bump damaging my mother's figure (':

My word there's so much alcohol left over. So much champagne.. THE REAL CRAP! Too fizzy really, but you have to drink it.. it's polite and all ;) 

All in all, pretty sound weekend :D Saw DaaaaiiissssYYYY as well today which was goood, seeing as I hardly see her anymore thanks to education, BOO. Least she still texts me the odd retarded comment every now and again.. She's a pain to take out in public ;) singing round Hinckley and abusing me and everything. Ah we are two of a kind, uniqe at least ;)
Talking of texts, Joshua hasn't spoken to me for ages.. I swear he's deleted me from msn as well :S guess I'll just have to see if I'm right on that one.. I know he was with his gf who hates me on friday. I don't know! Can't really do that much right to be fair. BLEH! 

It's only 9pm but I already feel knackered.. it's the partying I tell you ;) alcohol on a completely empty stomach minus a few squares of chocolate is.. interesting to say the least. I wasn't swaying I swear (A). 

Anywayyy homiessss, I'm going to leave you to be jealous of my life.. HA! That's actually a joke, although apparently my bed is immensely comfy, that's coming from my mum's friends who slept in it and I got lobbed onto the sofa, which was surprisingly uncomfy last night. Got bored and watched James Bond, cause I'm THAT cool.. (':

T'raaaaa babesss!

Monday, 18 January 2010

waaaaaa. help!

My lord I'm confused.. Last week or so I've been really happy and everything, then as soon as I hear something I don't like I feel like crap. Being a girl sucks! Oh I should stop imagining things that aren't going to happen cause I just end up making things worse. BLAH!

Althoughh, on Saturday I splashed out a tad and got this GORGEOUS Starbucks flask (': it's really the sex for school and so on...

Cause I'm uber cool right ;) 

Had to trudge back to school anyway for a Hope Against Cancer meeting, it's actually kinda fun really, I mean it can be effort and so on, but it's nice knowing that you're helping people. That and a guy I like is losely involved with it. Yes, I'm sad but who really judges me (': other than you lot. And if you do I don't really know.. So yeah. Hush Reg.

Annnnddd, I found this when I was hunting through my mum's photos for her birthday thing I'm putting together for her (:


I larv' the moochy look (: my mom's photography didn't fail for once :'D

Anyway, I'm gonna stop talking crap and try and think of niace things and preferably drink lots of coffee to make me happy.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

et voila!

Ahh, last exams today! Chem was actually alright considering I was bricking it before it, but blah, the paper was actually relatively good. Sadly can't say the same for history :/ 
It was an evil paper to be frank, I guess it was straight forward if you had an amazing memory for EVERYTHING, but considering I really don't it was a baaaaad exam. And they were stupidly unorganised seeing as it was supposed to start and half 1 and the papers weren't in the room till about quarter to 2. Stuuupid mon. And me and Nick were so depressed after the exam we headed into town for Costa (L).

Took most of my revision junk down from my walls last night. Good lord I can see wallpaper! AND MY MIRROR!! Well, the rest which wasn't hidden before. Bleh.

I'm really out of it right now. So effin' shattered. 

Take tomorrow off to chill maybe? Kinda need it, and to plan mum's thing..


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

ohhh hahahaaaaaa!

Really NOT looking forward to tomorrow now.. Chemistry and History AS exams, I feel like crying.. but until then I plan to remain heavily caffienated and dreaming of being an Incredible (': Took today off for revision for both chem and history, and was pretty productive seeing as I was half asleep for most the day. Theennn I started eating cold sticky toffee pudding. My lord it tastes so darn good (': sugar rush!

But yeah, seeing as the BBC are failing to show any proper crap on BBC 3 I had to go for the Incredibles, I've forgotten how much it makes me smile, all rather ridiculous but still amusing to the academically challanged mind. Like mine. HA!
It's just the baby at the end when it bursts into fire, turns into lead then goes for the devil :'D fecking hilarious! Please remember I've been trying to learn history between 1815 and 1865 and chemistry junk so c'mon. Having said that it was snowing all day :D 

Oh holy crap I think I'm going into delirious laughter again, ah dear (':

Ahh dear, the other one was actually completely retarded unless really small.. photo I mean (: duh!

Anyway, seeing as my stupid laptop is determined to continually screw up, I shall leave you and depart to read notes and crap about hydrocarbons and the Whigs and perhaps the toupes ;) that's a joke by the way...

Laters :'D

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

oh shut up reg.

I apologise for all this junk, I'm awaiting the arrival, of my painters and it's tending to have a baaaaad affect on my mental stability. THIS IS NOT FAIR. Men should get periods. They have no idea the emotional torment as well as physical that these sods cause -.-

PAAAAAAAIIIIINNNNNN... Both psychological and physical.. ish.

Na'night, history beckons (L)

cor' blimey

It's practically arctic in my room, at least downstairs I have the larvely fire (':

Ahoy guyss, that's if anyone actually reads this still.. Anyway. Exams, bad tiiimes! Sunday and yesterday were terrible, everything's slowly unwravelling. And yesterday I had to get up to go and sit in a gym for an hour and a half doing a pointless exam.. I feel I may have blogged about this already. Hmm. Ah well.

Biology exam today.. Didn't think it was too bad actually, could be wrong and could have failed abismally but y'know, what can you do now? Went home early 'cause I couldn't be bothered with a crappy biology lesson and critical thinking, then have been half asleep ever since I got home :S not good really..

Don't think my best friend cares anymore. All he seems to care about is one thing and I know what a big deal it is and everything but sometimes it's just ARGH. I dunno. Maybe it's me just being dramatic etc.. Can't wait 'till friday! Taking tomorrow off for revision though (8 I have the distinct feeling I'm going to need it ALOT. Seeing as it's chem and history thursday )': makes me wonder why I stuck with education ;)

Dumdidum, I'm sure I'll live! Just get the things done with then I can chill.. Looking forward to Feb half term mainly because I get to relax again and be uber idle. Not sure if I'm even gonna meet up with J. Not sure he wants to anymore. Bleh.

Anyway, I'm *supposed* to be doing history and mum's home (8

Sunday, 10 January 2010

fuck THIS.

What a great use of the English language. Urgh, screw that. I'm having the whole cramming sesh with revision and it's not doing my much good to be frank.
Well, it's half going in, but since I had a tad of a caffine crash earlier and then everything keeps going wrong, it's incredibly tempting to burn all the work I've done and either enter prostitution or stay at home drinking coffee and writing my naval all day. Effing biology's on Tuesday and I've done NO revision. It's all been chem and history. Woopsieee. *facepalm.*

Bleh. Saw DAAAAIIISSSYYYY on Saturday and started laughing manically for no reason at all on the way home, I'm sure snow is secretly storing coke. What a travisty ;) that and I took a photo of Daisy licking the jizz (snow) off a bollard ;D anddd I've forgotten to put it on my laptop and I cba to get it now so fookin' TOUGH. 

OH, might be getting a new laptop as well seeing as this one's one trip away from kicking the bucket :'D started a bit of revision last night as well, but then today I resigned myself to a full day cramming and it worked till I got hungry. Never got back down to it. And J's driving me insane with his fandango's. At some point I'm going to transform into a giant ear. My god that would be horrific!
Annddd Charlottebonk's larvely (': she's a retard but I (L) herr lots. Even though she doesn't believe me. Cause she's gay. And I'm going to start calling her Roger..

Gonna go attempt biology revision )': wish me luck!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

bigger boo.

I may have to start cutting down my coffee consumption y'know :/ it's not because I'm going off it or anything, but I've started getting the shakes a tad. Bad times.

In fact I've effectively turned into my brother who acquired a taste for Relentless at some point when he was at JC and he went off the rails somewhat.. Either way he shook like a cake loving kid in a bakery. That and decided wearing hair bands round his wrists was "cool" and they were too tight and cut into his skin and it went all gungey and ew, and I had to sort it out 'cause he knew he'd get a bollocking frommy mother. Which he did. Ruddy fool.

But yessss, on my 3rd/4th cup of coffee today, I do however have good reason though. Firstly my "first" cup'a this morning was no more than a few sips 'cause mum made it too late, the second was a vanilla latte from costa (L) the third was made with crappy milk and bymy mother and therefore inferior to my talent. And the fourt is the current one, duh, and I'm planning to finish a history revision fandango tonight before I have to cram for biology, chem AND history over the weekend and tomorrow night. Only problematic thing being I really need and WANT to get a flask for school so I can cart coffee there to get me through crappy lessons. Jeeeez I'm addicted (':

Other than that.. Moaned again about the ridiculous circumstances of which JC was open, AGAIN even though walking there and back was suicidal. Good lord our head's a first rate pillock. MAIS went to Stefaniak's revision session after school and felt like a cool history nerd.. BRRRAAAAAAAAP. Or not. But cool nontheless!

Still lusting over the vaio laptop which I love, and need. This hunk o' junk keeps freezing and refusing to work etc. NEICHT GUT.

OH, did manage to sort things out with my best guy mate though :'D meant I was up till half 1 last night, but still (': glad it's sorted and all! I tend to be good at screwing things up lately... Can'ae wait for exams to be over this time next week! Even though there's a chance I may fail )':
Wish me luck!


Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Hmm, don't think that link works. Well that sucks a little. 

Ah well.

Is it really bad one of my best friends is really pissing me off right now?
Jesus I need to grow up :/

I think I need sleep..

sadist pillock..

Snow. Lots. Snowday?

No, of course not. Stupid crappy pathetic pillock of a headteacher got his balls twisted over the thought of closing the school because of snow, apparently he hasn't closed a school in TWENTY YEARS. Yeah, 20 years of being a miserable GIT.

Showing absolutely NO consideration of people getting to school, and the stairs by science which are suicidal normally anyway, were caked in snow with no grit or anything.. Of COURSE the school's safe... can't wait 'till he tries walking down there and falls down and breaks his leg. ARGH. 

Wow I'm being vindictive...

T'was not a happy chicken guyss. Howeverrr, I did have a free period 3rd, and Charlotte mentioned a sledge. Golf course. Snow. Sledge. Free period. My god my brain worked fast! So we went to the golf course to scream joyfully at our larks :'D good times! 
And then I skived last lesson. Simply couldn't be ARSED to stay for English when I haven't got an exam in it anyway next week, so went home and did history revision (~8 
I'm so cool...

Hmm, let's give uploading this video a whirl?

It's failed. :/ Hmm.. We'll see. If it fails then bleh, I doubt many people read this anyway, which is a tad gaaaay but y'know )':



Tuesday, 5 January 2010

snow snow SNOWWW!

Welcome to 2010 one and all (': sadly was forced kicking and screaming to school today, was a shame to be prised out of my darling warm, nest but bleh. Should really go and do some revision actually...

It's been FOOKING SNOWING! Looksee...

I got a little carried away with photos, but they're gorgeous! LOOKSEEMORE!


As well as the two pretty pretty uber pretty ones, have a peek at one of my field, kinda thing. I LOVE SNOW! Snow day tomorrow? Pretty please God, I WILL revise. In fact I need to :/ alot. Lots and alot.


Not as good as the others but blah. 

Had a good Saturday, Sunday was more blah, and Monday wasn't fab but bleh. Haaa Rachel just gave birth on Friends.. Bless (':
Right, must amble off