Monday, 18 January 2010

waaaaaa. help!

My lord I'm confused.. Last week or so I've been really happy and everything, then as soon as I hear something I don't like I feel like crap. Being a girl sucks! Oh I should stop imagining things that aren't going to happen cause I just end up making things worse. BLAH!

Althoughh, on Saturday I splashed out a tad and got this GORGEOUS Starbucks flask (': it's really the sex for school and so on...

Cause I'm uber cool right ;) 

Had to trudge back to school anyway for a Hope Against Cancer meeting, it's actually kinda fun really, I mean it can be effort and so on, but it's nice knowing that you're helping people. That and a guy I like is losely involved with it. Yes, I'm sad but who really judges me (': other than you lot. And if you do I don't really know.. So yeah. Hush Reg.

Annnnddd, I found this when I was hunting through my mum's photos for her birthday thing I'm putting together for her (:


I larv' the moochy look (: my mom's photography didn't fail for once :'D

Anyway, I'm gonna stop talking crap and try and think of niace things and preferably drink lots of coffee to make me happy.

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