Tuesday, 12 January 2010

cor' blimey

It's practically arctic in my room, at least downstairs I have the larvely fire (':

Ahoy guyss, that's if anyone actually reads this still.. Anyway. Exams, bad tiiimes! Sunday and yesterday were terrible, everything's slowly unwravelling. And yesterday I had to get up to go and sit in a gym for an hour and a half doing a pointless exam.. I feel I may have blogged about this already. Hmm. Ah well.

Biology exam today.. Didn't think it was too bad actually, could be wrong and could have failed abismally but y'know, what can you do now? Went home early 'cause I couldn't be bothered with a crappy biology lesson and critical thinking, then have been half asleep ever since I got home :S not good really..

Don't think my best friend cares anymore. All he seems to care about is one thing and I know what a big deal it is and everything but sometimes it's just ARGH. I dunno. Maybe it's me just being dramatic etc.. Can't wait 'till friday! Taking tomorrow off for revision though (8 I have the distinct feeling I'm going to need it ALOT. Seeing as it's chem and history thursday )': makes me wonder why I stuck with education ;)

Dumdidum, I'm sure I'll live! Just get the things done with then I can chill.. Looking forward to Feb half term mainly because I get to relax again and be uber idle. Not sure if I'm even gonna meet up with J. Not sure he wants to anymore. Bleh.

Anyway, I'm *supposed* to be doing history and mum's home (8

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