Wednesday, 13 January 2010

ohhh hahahaaaaaa!

Really NOT looking forward to tomorrow now.. Chemistry and History AS exams, I feel like crying.. but until then I plan to remain heavily caffienated and dreaming of being an Incredible (': Took today off for revision for both chem and history, and was pretty productive seeing as I was half asleep for most the day. Theennn I started eating cold sticky toffee pudding. My lord it tastes so darn good (': sugar rush!

But yeah, seeing as the BBC are failing to show any proper crap on BBC 3 I had to go for the Incredibles, I've forgotten how much it makes me smile, all rather ridiculous but still amusing to the academically challanged mind. Like mine. HA!
It's just the baby at the end when it bursts into fire, turns into lead then goes for the devil :'D fecking hilarious! Please remember I've been trying to learn history between 1815 and 1865 and chemistry junk so c'mon. Having said that it was snowing all day :D 

Oh holy crap I think I'm going into delirious laughter again, ah dear (':

Ahh dear, the other one was actually completely retarded unless really small.. photo I mean (: duh!

Anyway, seeing as my stupid laptop is determined to continually screw up, I shall leave you and depart to read notes and crap about hydrocarbons and the Whigs and perhaps the toupes ;) that's a joke by the way...

Laters :'D

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