Thursday, 14 January 2010

et voila!

Ahh, last exams today! Chem was actually alright considering I was bricking it before it, but blah, the paper was actually relatively good. Sadly can't say the same for history :/ 
It was an evil paper to be frank, I guess it was straight forward if you had an amazing memory for EVERYTHING, but considering I really don't it was a baaaaad exam. And they were stupidly unorganised seeing as it was supposed to start and half 1 and the papers weren't in the room till about quarter to 2. Stuuupid mon. And me and Nick were so depressed after the exam we headed into town for Costa (L).

Took most of my revision junk down from my walls last night. Good lord I can see wallpaper! AND MY MIRROR!! Well, the rest which wasn't hidden before. Bleh.

I'm really out of it right now. So effin' shattered. 

Take tomorrow off to chill maybe? Kinda need it, and to plan mum's thing..



  1. Yeah I took some finals a month ago, it was exhausting. And the three papers I had to write weren't so fun either.

    Definitely take the day off! :D

  2. I nearly failed my chem exam, it was the teacher's fault of course


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