Sunday, 24 January 2010

phwoar crikey..

Howdy campers.. it has been a while since we three joined hands and galloped gailey round the campfire isn't it just?

Been an odd week actually, Monday was plain BAD, started off having an argument with Joshua, bad times. Then Tuesday pretty much followed suit, then Wednesday gave me a bit of diversity which was BIEN! Thursday felt like Friday and I spent far too much time inhaling glue fumes trying to finish of my mum's birthday card, ditto Friday. My mum's 60th! And I organised a pretty darn goos shin-dig if I may say so myself (': 
Everyone I invited turned up which was faaantastic :D I think it was more the prospect of free food, and more importantly, free alcohol. I'm surprised my brother didn't come back for it but meh, guess it's just how the world rolls. Managed to talk to Gareth, Will, Ele and various other family friends while they were here though, so t'was goooood :D not that I was implying it wasn't in the first place of course.. Oooo Facebook (': 

Oh. Only Daisy. Nevermiiiind.

Mum loved saturday anyway :D bless her, she almost started crying when she saw all her chums, lets hope it's because she was so stupendously happy eh? Managed to snaffle many an embarressing and amusing photo to stick up in the living room, I'm amazed we all managed to fit in the house! There were loads.. this is bearing in mind my house is actually fairly pokey. Mum's also saying that we might be getting my laptop soon! Eeeeee!
Hopefully try and rope Gareth into setting it up and teaching me how to drive maybe? He's known me since I was a bump damaging my mother's figure (':

My word there's so much alcohol left over. So much champagne.. THE REAL CRAP! Too fizzy really, but you have to drink it.. it's polite and all ;) 

All in all, pretty sound weekend :D Saw DaaaaiiissssYYYY as well today which was goood, seeing as I hardly see her anymore thanks to education, BOO. Least she still texts me the odd retarded comment every now and again.. She's a pain to take out in public ;) singing round Hinckley and abusing me and everything. Ah we are two of a kind, uniqe at least ;)
Talking of texts, Joshua hasn't spoken to me for ages.. I swear he's deleted me from msn as well :S guess I'll just have to see if I'm right on that one.. I know he was with his gf who hates me on friday. I don't know! Can't really do that much right to be fair. BLEH! 

It's only 9pm but I already feel knackered.. it's the partying I tell you ;) alcohol on a completely empty stomach minus a few squares of chocolate is.. interesting to say the least. I wasn't swaying I swear (A). 

Anywayyy homiessss, I'm going to leave you to be jealous of my life.. HA! That's actually a joke, although apparently my bed is immensely comfy, that's coming from my mum's friends who slept in it and I got lobbed onto the sofa, which was surprisingly uncomfy last night. Got bored and watched James Bond, cause I'm THAT cool.. (':

T'raaaaa babesss!

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  1. Happy 60th to your mom! Sounds like you had fun with the drinks


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