Sunday, 10 January 2010

fuck THIS.

What a great use of the English language. Urgh, screw that. I'm having the whole cramming sesh with revision and it's not doing my much good to be frank.
Well, it's half going in, but since I had a tad of a caffine crash earlier and then everything keeps going wrong, it's incredibly tempting to burn all the work I've done and either enter prostitution or stay at home drinking coffee and writing my naval all day. Effing biology's on Tuesday and I've done NO revision. It's all been chem and history. Woopsieee. *facepalm.*

Bleh. Saw DAAAAIIISSSYYYY on Saturday and started laughing manically for no reason at all on the way home, I'm sure snow is secretly storing coke. What a travisty ;) that and I took a photo of Daisy licking the jizz (snow) off a bollard ;D anddd I've forgotten to put it on my laptop and I cba to get it now so fookin' TOUGH. 

OH, might be getting a new laptop as well seeing as this one's one trip away from kicking the bucket :'D started a bit of revision last night as well, but then today I resigned myself to a full day cramming and it worked till I got hungry. Never got back down to it. And J's driving me insane with his fandango's. At some point I'm going to transform into a giant ear. My god that would be horrific!
Annddd Charlottebonk's larvely (': she's a retard but I (L) herr lots. Even though she doesn't believe me. Cause she's gay. And I'm going to start calling her Roger..

Gonna go attempt biology revision )': wish me luck!

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