Tuesday, 5 January 2010

snow snow SNOWWW!

Welcome to 2010 one and all (': sadly was forced kicking and screaming to school today, was a shame to be prised out of my darling warm, nest but bleh. Should really go and do some revision actually...

It's been FOOKING SNOWING! Looksee...

I got a little carried away with photos, but they're gorgeous! LOOKSEEMORE!


As well as the two pretty pretty uber pretty ones, have a peek at one of my field, kinda thing. I LOVE SNOW! Snow day tomorrow? Pretty please God, I WILL revise. In fact I need to :/ alot. Lots and alot.


Not as good as the others but blah. 

Had a good Saturday, Sunday was more blah, and Monday wasn't fab but bleh. Haaa Rachel just gave birth on Friends.. Bless (':
Right, must amble off



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