Thursday, 31 December 2009

t'raaaa two thousand and 9!

Not only is this the last blog of 2009, it's also my 100th post! It's an emotional moment I tell you (': and I fear this may be a tad of a long'n, but meh, I larvee writing so much (':

So, 2009.. Dear lord. It brought 3 disasterous relationships, well, they were all enjoyable at the time in the form of Nic, Sebastian and Cameron. Seb won hands down, but I can't help how I felt! No regrets though, t'was good (:

I finally bought something from Ann Summers ;) and got dumped the day before my birthday... (lol.) I changed my fringe from being on the left to the right.. a momentous occassion evidentally. I finally quit football and finished GCSEs. Good times, I miss the easiness of GCSEs actually, I didn't have to work very hard ;D
I got to go to London, once with Daisy and Scott, that started the whole Archibold/Reginald fandango (': 

Then I got to go to Borth with my mum and London again with my mum, both amazing holidays actually and I've got the hang of the underground so 'tis all good :D

Then got to the point where I had to be forced kicking and screaming back to school, but 6th form at JC's been pretty damn good actually, minus the fact that I've had to read Jane Eyre and endure crap poetry by queen of depression, Sylvia Plath.. like the horns?

Jane Eyre which I've only just finished reading actually but bleh. Then in October half term I went on a jaunt to Barcelona with my darling Daisy/Archibold, which was frankly hilarious! Looksee ;)

One of many after being left in the hotel with a large bottle of vino and cheesey snacks ;D

 Toilet phone ;)

Was an amazing holiday actually :D definately a highlight of 2009!!

Unfortunately mixed with all the amazing times, there was one huge heartbreak. Daisy may be my best friend, but I never forget my other friends and those who I used to be closest to. Helen Wright I've known since stupidly small and I'm still finding it hard to believe that she's gone, an amazing person and an inspiration for everyone. A lover of life she'll be forever missed and NEVER forgotten. Passed away on the 4th of November in a car crash. She was only 16. Rest in peace Helen babe (L).

 Na'night babe, sweet dreams x

So many good memories made this year, and so many to hang onto. And so we reach the end of the year, new friends and old ones missed dearly. Also met an amazing person this year and have a fantastic friendship :D
Anyway, this post has gone on a tad, must go and actually do some work.. DAMN YOU A LEVELS. And so I leave you to get rat arsed and wasted (':
Happy new year!

Lav' to all

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