Saturday, 12 December 2009

how did this happen?!

Gah, stupid internet's returning to it's spasticated characteristics and my laptop still insists that it's packing up. BRILLIANT! ;D Bleh. AnywayanywayANYWAYY I said..

I think I'm starting to grow attached to Costa. I mean I still retain the fact that it's NOT Starbucks and therefore, not as good, but because I can walk to it and curl up on the cosy sofas and giggle childishly at certain things, my alliegence to Starbucks is slightly dwindling :/
Not intentionally.. But I have to go all the way to Leicester for Starbucks, Costa's a half hour walk or sooo.
Saw Archi today and completely failed at christmas shopping. If some guy came up to me and offered me a million quid to sleep with him or something, I'd probably accept. Providing he wasn't completely disgusting looking and didn't have some horrific disease..
But yeah, really need moneyysss. Spent an hour in Costa with Daaaaaisy however, good times (': gingerbread lattes FTW!

First time I've had a large portioned drink fandango thing from there, and my god I love the mugs. ACTUALLY LOVE them. They're like bowls for soup. And they have handles..

And you can fit your head in them (':


Oh yes, witness the retardedness fitness ;)
But even hotter.. A mon avis anyway, so I could be wrong but it's a tad more normal ME.

I rather like (':

Na'night babesssss

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