Wednesday, 30 December 2009

tres amusant (':

As I was searching through the deep, slightly furry and mildly mouldy depths of google today, I found something that made me giggle. Not only did it make me giggle, I thought it would actually be rather useful and essential in certain situations. I.e. if you had to be submitted to any length of time in a hospital..

ET VOILA! I give you the Starbucks iv. I love it LOTSSSSSS and feel that it should be compulsary for all coffee addicts when subjected to the mental strains of hospital. 

I'm boreddddd. Alot.

I want to write some of my navel, but I'm hungry and I don't know where to start and I don't want to eat much for fear I'll grow in my chunkehhhness. GAH! Today hasn't been as bad as yesterday though! Although it has been incredibly damp. 
I know what you're thinking you filthy minded freaks. I mean it was raining. ALOT.
Lots more than I thought it was before I actually walked out the door. For once I was being a larvely friend to my fluff balls and took them for a walk round the block. It's now a rare thing because once Fergus bit me and it hurt and left a really retarded scar. Ew.

But yeah, went for a walk with the dogsss, was fun until the mixture of wind and rain got incredibly painful but blah. Never shalt thou bother taking the dogs for a walk when its raining and will have to dry them off when you get home...

Anyway, off to write some crap and consider some biology revision. If I can be bothered.


I can't be bothered y'know.


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