Thursday, 17 December 2009


"Life goes along, and then suddenly, one day, just.. Pooof"

Hmm, that sounds much more dramatic than it actually is. Well actually it doesn't sound dramatic, it just sounds like someone squeezed a bottle of talcum powder really hard and the powder shoots out the end and it looks like a mini snow storm.. Well, maybe. My childhood was slightly odd :/
Anyway, the point of the POOF. Today was rather pleasant actually, had a relaxing chem lesson where Camerzzzz and Ian were back (': BIEN. And then english lit blaaaaaahhhh. Then history where I was bollocked for not doing some work but BLEH who caress. It's only some old beardybloke called Gladstone or some such WUBBISH. Then had a beautiful free period 4th (L) and met up with Haannaahhhhhh Flipper.. And went to Costa (L). It's amazing what a vanilla latte and good company in the form of Sam, Ben and Hannah can do to people :D. Okay, well. Me.

Conversations of coffeeeee and scrubs FTW.

Bleh, biology failed even though I was relatively high all the way through it because it SNOWED!! It was SNOWING on the way back from costa, was actually HEAVEN ;D mmm..

Then got home and stupid, good for nothing, lazy GIT of a prat and a buggering poop.. uncle thing was coming. BOO. Kill my mood much?
So yeah, he came, I opened the door, grunted and went back upstairs. ARGH, and now I can say NOTHING right to my mother. The balance of the universe is restored. *sigh*

Oh for the day when I go to uni (L).

Laterss babesssss

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  1. Me too! Uni <3 Hopefully Cardiff but ya never know :/

    And Costa, AGAIN? You're as bad as I am with fatty food. :/


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