Friday, 25 December 2009

merry chriiiistmas

Merry Christmas one and all (':

Meant to do a post before today actually, mainly 'cause my darling niggaaaaaaaa Daisy had her birthday fandango on Tuesday and I spent the night round hers ;) yes.. It sounds sick and wrong and it WAS sick and wrong ;D
I fail at being a decent friend actually.. I didn't manage to get her a decent present, all I did actually get was a pair of Bridget Jones style knickers, and even thought she's already evily skinny, and therefore doesn't need them until she's 32 and fat, we MADE them FUN. We really did.. Well, she did anyway. Wearing them as a body suit/straight jacket opposed to actually sucking fat in. Not that she has any.. SHE SHOULD GET FAT ONE DAY :D I do love her remember.

I (L) her lotsss :D
Annnddd she wasn't the only one that acted and achieved looking like an utter retard actually, seeing as I felt the need to discover what it would be like to own a decent pair of boobs.. WITH THE USE OF A SCARF. Contrary to public belief, I do not lust over huge boobs, would just like to go up a cup size.. not the extremes that were shown at Daisy's rendez-vous (':


Cause I'm cool.. in'it?

Anyway babesssss, I'm gonna go and sleep or something, eaten too much already ): howeverrr, MERRY CHRISTMASSS (': chat laterrr (':

Lavvv' youuu


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