Monday, 7 December 2009

woww, I'm rather proud actually

Y'see, today I finished at 20 to 1 cause I had a biology test and finished it relatively early and Bromerzzzzz let us go early. I had a free last anyway so I could escape the confindes of JC at lunch, and planned to run away as soon as humanly possible.. So instead of getting home about quarter to 2, I got home at 20 past 1, god only knows why you may care, but I thought you may like to know the details (': 

But yeah, I finished all my biology homework, the majority of it probably wrong but I no longer CARE. Annnndddd got wet on the way home. Bloody rain. Had too many text books to carry and too far to walk 'cause my school's evily GAY and locks the bottom gates after quarter to 9. Effing ridiculous to be frankkk. But anyway, yeah, got home, was wet, tired and really rather peckish..

I got fooooood :D

And then I was rather artistic and drew myself from a photo, which actually looks rather good, but horribly creeply when I take a photo of it. Either way I'm happy 'cause I haven't drawn anything properly for ages..

Anyway, I'm off for a biiiit (':

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