Thursday, 10 December 2009

damn you !

My teachers are so darn POSITIVE about my future :| 
I was in history with Townsend, literally the most useless teacher I have ever encountered, apart from perhaps Mr Banks.. Or Mrs Duerdin. Blah, anyway. YEAHH. I have no idea about the Foreign Policy ;D butttt I told her my plan to become an acclaimed novelist/navelist/erotic navelist.. And she crushed my dream. 


Apparently there are no jobs for writers.. Like I care ?! There's always room for more books, especially when my wit and humour are in question (': that and my erotic experiences. It's where Archi lacks. 

Gingerbread latter FTW (':
++ Costa tomorrow with Daiiisss thank GOD. Had a disasterous day today. Chem cramming evidentally failed epicly, I'm failing more than I was before I revised :S fml. And now the bloody "F" key decides not to work until I punch it.

Hmm, weird.. added a 6th former on facebook, granted the one that is fairly nice looking but bleh, started talking to me on facebook chat. Started off well.. I jumped a foot because of the bloody "POP" argh. Who am I trying to kid ?! He doesn't know I exist :/

Bleh, time for baaaaaath. And thoughts, and perhaps creativity and MAYBE sleep. Sorry, sleep as a priority (L)
Na'niiiiiiight (':

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