Monday, 28 December 2009

oh blesss (':

Chicken Run is just the best. First time I saw it at the ripe age of about.. 7? God knows. Either way I thought it sucked. Alot. But now, it's like a pleasant blast from the past, but even then they were so colour-ist! GINGA. How mean.. Why not CARROT for feck's saaaake. Mon.

Bleh, headache.

Want a new phoneeeee! In fact what I really would like, is for my darling mother to hand over the cash she promised me for christmas ;D I really do feel the need for a trip to Costa actually, desperate for some decent caffine. Clearly opposed to the usual coffee grains which I live on. 

ARGH I NEED TO STOP EATING. And talking crap for that matter. And my feet are cold. No, my toes are cold. Shut up now. 
I need to write a book so I can stop having to worry about getting decent A levels and then having to work and find a respectable job and blah blah BLAH. Help?

I think I'm iiiiilll!! Not that I'm uber idle, OF CORSE NOT TWIT. Nah, I think I'm ill because I succeeded in doing some decent revision today, had a minor heart attack when I looked through the Biology specimen paper and discovered that I knew NOTHING, and that it is in fact for the next module after the exam.. Bloody idiot. Anywayyy, got a load of chem revision done :D I feeeeel gooooooooood I'm a geeeeeek (':

Hmm, off to attempt to write a navel.
Na'niiight niggzzzzz.

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