Sunday, 6 December 2009

I'm just in that kinda mood..

A rather retarded mood actually, in the sense that I just watched Rhian's video blog at the same time as watching Harry Potter get eaten alive and then raped forcefully by the Goblet of Fire, and now I'm watching Daniel Ratcliff's frankly crap acting and listening to my ipod at the same time. Daughtry love (L). Yes, I'm feeling rather.. RANDOM DAMN IT !

As usual, I blame this completely and utterly on ArchimuffaROOOOOOO. She tried to get me drunk last night she did. She ployed me with alcohol, starting with cherry Lambrini at an embarressingly low percentage, then branching out to my rose stuff at 11 percentttt. Loved it. I felt kinda weird after my 7th glass of whatever junk I was drinking by that time, but still. Apparently I stank of wine and stuff though... neicht gut. Especially because it was my mother that was picking me up and I'd already said I was donating the rose to Archi's parents for the middle aged perverts, I lied. EVERYONE lies apparently, thats according to Joshua. And therefore he lies as well, but I've really just come not to care. I've lost the will to care. GAH.

OHHH and on Friday, Arch and moi took an evening mosey to costa for a book natter. YES ! or more, OUI ! We are in fact intent on writing a lengthy navel on our lived, completely callibrated together so I fear we may end up hating each other because of it but still.. it's the potential of becoming famous and rich etc that feuls the urge !
Arwwwww, Her-me-one has a boyfwiend ;) well she hasn't because it's not the 7th film and WonWon hasn't dribbled over her yet. It is in fact a pumpkin head. In the form of VIKTOR KWUM ! I really have no idea just why I'm typing this, my fingers are in the mood for typing and I can do it quickly and it's like WOW.

Bleh, yes. Friday. Right. Mmm, Costa has the most gorgeous sofa's, so squishy and cosy and orgasmic MMMMM. I've just realised as well that I haven't uploaded any lovely photos on my blog for a while, neither have I written to it for a fair while but bleh. Oh, and Daisy drew all over my face in costa because she is a CHILD and a MAN and will one day become a TRUE LESBIAN. Gosh I love her (':

I'm in the mood for typiing utter poop but not for revising biology, doing biology homework of trying to figure out what the hell I'm supposed to be doing for my history homework polava type thing. Frankly I'm not too sure how I made it through last week, it really was utterly shit. Not happy. Although I did finally sort out my homemade year book for Hastings on Friday night. Of course that meant that I forgot to eat, and drink, and move very much. And I went all light headed from glue fumes and candles with no windows open and my laptop on as well it was a tad warm in my small abode. Haven't spoken to Joshua for fuck knows how long either, not got any texts or anything so BLAH. 

Mmm, better get coffee then do some proper work rather than sorting my wardrobe out at long last and tidying my room a bit. Boo to you AS level. MEAN ):



  1. You're writing a navel for your lived? XD

  2. oh bollocks. *facepalms* I meant LIVES ! chriiist. that's what happens when my hands are typing quickly but my thoughts are even faster :/

  3. :)
    I love your blog more than I love mine!


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