Friday, 27 November 2009

ZOMG ! now I'm feeling festive..

Haven't blogged for a while, causeee my feelings have been all over the shop and I DO'NAE LIKE MOANING. Anywayyy, yeah. Saturday and Sunday were amazsing, Monday was not so great.. only free I usually get last and I had to stay behind for a daft meeting, Tuesday was.. can't remember. Wednesday gave me a breakdown about Helen, yesterday was dull and today was actually pretty sound :D
Usually friday's suck a tad cause I don't get any frees and most people go at lunch. BUTT today, Stefaniak babe was kinda ill, she's just about blinded herself and drugs herself up on eyedrips that make her pupils dilate to WHOOOAAAA big ;D so yeah. She went halfway through lesson 3 giving us last lesson free 'cause she wouldn't be able to come back, so I got to escapeeee at lunchhh :D:D:D AND Lorna May daring Bumcrack's sister gave me a lift home (:

I do (L) my friends.. (':

AND I'm feeling kinda festive (: cause Joshuaaaaaaaa was talking about who he had to get presents for and whatnot last night, and when I was in Barcelona I found this utterly adorable necklace in tokidoki but did'nae have the money and junk :/ THEN I went searching on the internetttt last night, and look what I found (':

and yeah, I'm rather in love with it :D and it's only liiiike, $8.00 + $3.00 shipping, and no, I'm far too lazy to figure out how much it is in squids. But still, inexpensive necklace which is uber cute (L)

And this thing just made me giggle quite alot..

It's called poo ^.^ POO as in poo, as in the stuff that you get rid of out your backside. POOO damn it. IT'S A NECKLACE WITH POOP ON IT !! Yeah, I like it in a kinda weird way..

Anyway, need to find something for Daisy, I was considering something like that for her ? Or momijii or manga.. Ah, so tired. 

In other news, I'm being weirdly nice, spoke to my dad for the first time in like 4 years the other day, it's kinda weird. I'm mature god damn it (: and I've stolen my brother's acoustic guitar he doesn't need anymore cause his ex bought him an electric guitar... But yeah, hoping I might master it at some point?

Right, really need to do stupid work :/ back laterrr perhaps (: let me know if I'm getting irritating..



  1. This is annoying, all your posts are 'clumping'........ hmmm. :/ Basically the dashboard is telling me you've written 6 posts at once. Grah. Ohwell, reading your blog again anyway :D xxx

  2. That's because google's silly. In fact it's all American and BLAH. Glad to know your reading anyway, leave comments pleaseee (: my posts look a tad bare ): xxx


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