Monday, 16 November 2009

OHHHH yeah..

I've just remembered what I was gonna go and doooo (: but now I CBA to go back onto facebook and find who I wanted to go on cause they have a new photo.. I'm so ridiculously lazy.. that and I've just realised that I've been spelling ridiculous wrong all my life. But that's cause I think it looks daft to be frankkk (: Gah. I'm sure I'll live.
I'm knackereddd, really really knackered.. and I haven't written a proper post for a while, it's kinda weird writing it again actually. Today's actually been pretty good, the only bad thing about today was the stupid history test thing. Even that wasn't totally crap because the lovely looking 6th former decided to park his rather delicious bottom outside A4 in the study area. I knew I was going to fail the test anyway so I spent the majority of the lesson looking aimlessly out the doorrr (': yes I'm sad. But the foreign policy hardly interests me.. Bleh. 

Had a good few conversations with Joshuaaa, my darling lesbian. He's such a retard bless him... Lovely, yes. But a complete retard (': although he has apparently got a surprise thing for me which is rather sweet ^.^ 
Haaaaa, been talking to Sebastian as well lately, it's kinda funny really. More pathetically funny than anything else, I mean he's nice enough I suppose ? But it's just the fact he was going out with a girl for a month, who lived near him, yet didn't actually meet him until the day he dumped her. Seroiusly, WTF ?! With me.. I can understand. But LOCAL ?!?!? Gah, who knew (:
It's not too bad talking to him again ;)


STARBUCKSSSSs.. got the day off tomorrow 'cause of PLP :D so happy.. means that I can have a half decent lie in, even though I'll still have to get up early cause mummy's left me to fend for myself when she's helping some friends, I don't mind, it's just effort getting up. So lazy ! 
Ah well, I do love my dogs (: time to consider sleeping a little.. NEED A NEW PHONE !! GRR. *sigh* christmas isn'nae going to bring my deepest desires. Bugger. Ah sweelllll..


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