Sunday, 1 November 2009

oh bugger it.

I feel the solitary life of Bridget Jones creeping slowly over me. 

Well, perhaps after uni ? I'm really not of the opinion that life's already over at the tender age of 16. I don'nae think my life has been tainted enough for that yet, although it has been tainted a fair bit. Hmm ?
It's sort of weird to be writing to this again, I haven't posted anything for about a month ? I say a month, about 2 weeks. But to be fair, even that wasn't much good. I'm feeling the whole writers block type fandango lately. Plus last week I was utterly swamped with history homework with the odd bit of chemistry shoved in. Found out I might have to have a mentor for chem as well, made me feel horribly stupid even though I'm perfectly aware it might just help me with it. I did actually manage to pass the trawl test for chemistry by ONE mark ! Was it pathetic I was deliriously happy that I passed with an E by ONE mark ? Methinks so somehow. 
Then I had to have a moles test, well my whole class did, passed that with a C. Gave me some inclination that I'm not actually doing as badly as I fear :D Redid the chemistry trawl test, tad worried about getting that back actually.. Then in biology I've pretty much aced the coursework which makes me happy even though I still have to do the evaluation *facepalms.* But passed Bromerzzzzzz test with one mark off a B (: I know you lovely people probably don'nae give a flying fart in space, but it makes me happy to know I'm actually doing relatively well (:

Waiting for 2 essays back from history and one from english. Fun times ? Nah. I would rather chew my arm off. I'm tired with A levels and I'm not even halfway through them :| it's just such a leap from GCSE ! As though I didn't realise this when we started in September. Holy lord I'm a twit.

Anywayyy, yesterday was all Hallows EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (: and I did in fact get invited to a Halloween fandango type thing, which I found out about 5 hours before that it was fancy dress. Reg. Fancy dress. Halloween. Just no. Saw Archimuff yesterday morning though, Hinckley was a scary sight, especially as I haven't actually ventured into it for ages.. not properly anyway. 'Tis a worrying bunch of individuals. Made me happy to think there's only two years of slogging away at 6th form until I can run away to UCL or Aberystwyth.. Hopefully (:

Lassttt niiight I did actually make an effort to look as though I'd "dressed up" which involved buying a gorgeous, but pricey dress (25 squid) from New Look. I know that's hardly expensive but I was kinda saving up for a blackberry :/ then some devil horn things from Claire's and then the application of stupid amounts of eyeliner, most of which ended up in my eye or all over my face. The end result wasn't too bad, although the red lipstick was slightly scary.. Thennn, off did I toddle to Scott's with Daisy and discovered the Butch Futch and Stephen had graced us with their presence, although Stephen failed to dress up. Then again, I s'pose his face is scary enough ;)

Yesss, we're seriously that cool (: we're like a modern day version of the Sanderson sisters xD can you see the resmblence ?
Don't deny it, you know we're cool (: although change the order round a bit.. The Futch does like to sniff children and bark occassionally ;) Scott had the most immense make up to be fair, I'm not sure if it was an attempt on Marilyn Manson, but it looked frickin' amazing :D
Last night was pretty good to be frank, but today I'm being so unbelievably lazyyyy. ALTHOUGHHH I did get my zippo lighter working yesterday :D cause my brother came home from uni for the day and sorted it for meee (: only problem now, is that there's a likelyhood that I'm going to set the house on fire :/ bleh. I love my zippo (: and no. I don't smoke cause I'm not stuuupid. 

Right, I think I've rattled on for long enough, and frankly I've got nothing else to talk about. So yeah, y'know. Don'nae want school tomorrow :/ although I doo get a lie in :D love my free periods and home study (':
Latersssss m'homies 




    we managed to dress stephen as a frenchman, but he ditched the berre as quick as he possibly could D:

  2. You look just like them!

    Sounds like your having fun in chemistry. I never failed anything but I've come close. I just cheated on times when I was really worried.

    That's great that you're not stupid. My brother used to be srupid, but he recently quit being stupid. He only did it so he would have the lung capacity to join his college's football (American football) team.

  3. The above comment was from Nick by the way. My computer is being reatarded and signed me into the wrong account

  4. Stephen, you frickin' loved it ;) especially Archi's dribble worthy corset..
    And you're a disgrace ditching the berret ): you looked like a true camp french type person in the photo on facebook. FAIL.

    And yes, we really do look that cool.. The Futch brings the evilness out maybe ? (':

    Yeahh, it's fun thanks to the people in it, I'm always paranoid I'm not getting it and stuff. Urgh. Haaaaaa, bless (: Okay (:


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