Sunday, 22 November 2009

such a contrast

It's so strange.. This week, in fact the last couple of weeks have been utter poop really, due to the Helen fiasco and a mix of exams, fails, and the general mood of depression and being down. Then this weekend has made me completely incapable of being sad ! 

Friday I wasa kinda worried I was going to be the social parasite that does nothing, as it was Hinckley's christmas light explosion type thing. It attempts to be amazing and then fails spectacuarly when they forget people are trying to have a COUNTDOWN HERE, or they do it in time with the countdown, but then the lights aren't actually plugged in or something, or explode into a million pieces.. But yeah, they have a fair thing and charity stalls and what not in the main street, so I decided to drag my darling Archi out for a mosey. The lights were the same as usual, missed them being turned on because me and mum are appalling at time keeping, the fireworks were rather entrancing though seeing as we could see them from the car into Hinckley. Thenn, the fair was exactly the same as it is EVERY year, they don't change where they're put or anything, it's comical really. I bet they have the stage label things.. (': ah my wonderfully sad mind (L)
Kinda weird walking round Hinckley in the dark even though it was only like 7pm. Ended up throwing chips at eachother and vomiting over disgusting tasting coffee, no wonder it was only a quid.. but still, was rather fun. AND I KNEW PEOPLE !! I felt rather popular (': emotional and enpowering moment for me ;D

And yesterday was simply EPIC. It was amazing, even though everything was last minute and I was petrified that there'd be absolutely nothing today and Jacob would end up hating me 'cause I can be an irritating twit, it went wonderfully :D managed to make Hinckley fun even though I thought that was an impossibilty.. Never stopped smiling, even when he nicked my ipod and mocked me because I'm terribly vain. Bleh. T'was good :D chinese takeaway (L) and tescooooo (L) good times (': made my year :D

Having such a lazy day today as well, my hair dried fairly nicely last night so had a photography moment this morning, then have done nothing really productive. I guess I'm gonna have to do biology or history or something soon. January exams = A3 posters. GAH !! But still (': happy happy happy !!


ANDDDDDD my fake 6 euro zippo lighter's working again :D:D:D makes me VERY happyyy, and I've got some lip stuff to sort out my lips, carmex or something ? It tiiingles, not too sure if it's supposed to but who caress, it does the job (':

Laters lovelysssssss (:


    the tingles are lovely (':
    i miss reading your blogs ): x

  2. the tingles are indeed lovely, rather strange when one's not expecting them.. Ooo I've gone all posh. BRING BACK COMMON.. ness ?
    you need to blog more deary, yours make me giggle (: x

  3. haha, my life hasn't been very giggle-worthy lately i'm afraid.
    i'm refraining from writing about how blah i am until something funny comes along :)


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