Thursday, 19 November 2009

hello world..

I say world, but I am in a discrete part of the world on actually a very titchy island that's brimming with culture, people and chavs. Gah. Perhaps ? Not too sure about the culture side of things, the government have banned Christmas junk being put in Birmingham or something because apparently it offends the ethnic minorities. Jog the eff on. They don't care ! They realise that we have our culture yet manage to cater for theirs as well. All in all we get on rather harmoniously until some prat of a chav decides to start something which is just to big themself up. Stupid people.

But mehh, I do try and keep associations with those people as far away as possible. I am after all a relatively intelligent 6th former who has chosen ridiculous subjects for AS and is looking forward to dropping one after AS. *sigh* today's finally arrived :/
And for those who are blissfully ignorant of why I've been dreading today, which will be the majority of you actually seeing as I never mentioned it.. Or maybe I did. Bleh. Buutttt basically it's Helen's funeral today. Mmm. Not good really. The crematoriam's going to be absolutely packed, hundreds of people are going, the population of lower 6th form's going to total about 25 predictably today, Ibstock where she lived, is going to be like a Ghost town, hardly any one at her college is gonna be there.. Jeeez it's weird. Horrible weird )':

I guess it's nice that loads of people are going to go to show they care alot, but it's still wrong that she's not here. So terribly young ):

I think I need more coffee actually, caffine and sugar are going to get me through today methinks, that and music that sooothes me even if it makes me cry. Today I'm allowed damn it !! Been a rough few weeks to be frank. In a way it's nice to have a bit of closure.. get to a conclusion kinda thing. I keep thinking that if Helen was still here and nothing had happened, how different it would be ? I mean it's not been massively different, but it's changed, perspective has changed, thoughts, ways of thinking and realisations.. 

End of the depressing feeling for now. I'm saving it for later.

I do love Daughtry right now.. 

Anyway, I have to make coffee and get going soon ): laters guys..

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