Sunday, 15 November 2009

what to say really..

Mmm, my last post was rather depressing and sad and all, can'nae really help that I'm afraaiiid, did take some flowers down to the crash site last sunday, made it all seem so real. Really horrible tbh, I mean nice to see how many people cared, but that much was obvious from her facebook and stuff. Argh. Not a good week at all. To be frank, this week wasn't much better either. Gah.

This week basically consisted of doing all the homework I was given in week 1 (ie. last week) and doing it this week, it's how my weeks go.. Week 1 I get lobbed homework, left right and centre, then in week 2 I spend each evening doing it. Can'nae wait until the Costa in Hinckley opens ! Means I can get a decent coffee in my frees ;D
Only good bits of this week were hanging out with Lorna, god I've missed that girl. We've known eachother since we were rediculously small (: 

But meh. Wendesday and Thursday were difficult 'cause of things with Helen and stuffs, but my favourite 6th former was in most the week so I got to look at something nice when I was finishing work for history or chem. Those are ironically pretty much the only two subjects that I get bombarded with work for ! in history, Stefaniak, it's expected, Addison it's half expected but it's not really taxing, then with Townsend it's simply a pain and homework ends up being what we SHOULD have done in the lesson, but because she's an appalling teacher and crap at organising the lessons, we never actually finish it in the lesson. *sigh*
AND we have a test on the foreign policy that Townsend's *supposed* to be teaching us on Monday, oh joy. ANOTHER sodding fail. Had a test on the Whigs on Friday. Oh God I've failed.

Friday was a bad day, I'll just leave it at that I think (:

Butt today was'nae too bad actually, needed to go into Leicester to get a dress for the 19th, Helen's funeral. Her mum wanted everyone to go in bright colours, but at this time of year, there isn't much in bright colours :/ so yeah. But I think the dress I got is rather nice, looks a bit like this one.. but the one I got isn't on the website :S

The one I got has white lace and hasn't got the pretty deer and tree thing going on, just has some flowes or some such. I just didn't want to get a dress that costs about 25 quid and I'd only wear once. I'm a student, I don't have a job and I'm far too poor to be able to do that !! While I was in New Look got some boots as well, the picture's rubbish cause I prefer them folded down.. I'd look like a twit if they were pulled up, too short for that ;D


To be fair they are kinda chavvy, well.. Chavs appear to wear them ? They give the impression that my feet might have a chance of being warm and snug on the way to school and back in winter, even if they have eff all grip ;D howeverrr, today was a successful day of shopping for me, which DOES make a change :D I needed boots and a dress, I got boots and a dress. For Archimuff it was different, she dragged me round Boots for over an HOUR trying to decide what to get people, and after all that she bought nothing. Could'a killed her. If it wasn't for the fact that I love her and she bought me a gingerbread latte from Starbucks ^.^

(L) that girl (':

Right, time to sign off I think (: nightnight all. Try and blog more often if I get a chance to have a break from history and chem (:


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