Saturday, 7 November 2009

to a lovely girl and an amazing friend

I haven't blogged in ages, I could say I had no inspiration and my internet went through a spell of constantly buggering itself up. However there is another reason. On wednesday, 4th November, one of my best friends Helen Wright was killed in a car crash. Me and the other 2 she was closest to at JC were the last to find out at break on Thursday the 5th. 
It was horrible to say the least. Everyone else in 6th form knew what had happened, and us 3 didn't. It was the r.i.p. messages on facebook that hurt the most.. spent most of Thursday crying and trying to comfort Hannah and Zoe with Lorna trying to help as well. Got let home at break, none of us were up to lessons. 

Went in on friday and spent most the day crying, skipped last lesson and spent the rest completely out of it. So yeah, pretty shitty couple of days to be frank.

This is Helen btw, she was sp beautiful, funny, constantly happy, we never saw her without a smile or having a laugh. She'd just got everything sorted, was going really well at college and had got a wonderful boyfriend who treated her amazingly like she deserved. She was loved by everyone, even people who didn't know her well know that she was a star and will be truly missed, never forgotten and always loved. So many happy memories through so many years, ever since year 2 really. 

As much as she changed her style, her hair and her boyfriends, she was the same caring, loyal, funny, happy go lucky girl as ever. Going to lay some lilies down for her tomorrow at the roadside with Hannah, Zoe and Natalie, don't really know how we're going to hold it together. Then there's the funeral. Sometimes I feel I should stop crying and just hold it in, but it's impossible. She'll be forever missed. 

Rest in peace Helen babe, 9th June 1993 - 4th November, 2009. You were taken before your time, I know you called me a nerd for writing blogs and an emotional twit, but it's the way we roll. Forever a place in all our hearts, goodnight sweet cheeks, god bless. 

she will never be forgotten and missed by everyone,
her facebook is covered in comments and there are so many groups it's unbelievable. even people who hardly knew her are upset, that's how lovely she really was. 

sorry for the more solem nature of this, but hey. it's a tragedy and should never have happened. she should still be here with us.


  1. For some reason your posts aren't showing in my dashboard.

    I'm so sorry. It's such an awful thing when someone young, bright and full of life is taken like that. And you shouldnt hold it in. It's not good for you. Hope youre alright.

  2. Hmm, I think it might because I changed the URL ages ago.. Either that or because I've been so uber lazy and bombarded with chem and history I've negelected my blog so it's getting back at me ?

    And thanks (: I'm getting better.. ish (:


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