Wednesday, 30 September 2009

for fucks sake )':

Is it seriously so much to ask, that things are just simple, or at least not constantly fucking hurting me ?
I'm sick of feeling like this and sick of not knowing where the hell I am. I want something I can't have and I hate it. I hate this. I just want to know ):

S'later maybe. Nightnight )':


nothing more than a sigh.

Indeed, a sigh says it all when it says nothing at all. 

Today's been kinda odd really.. Chem was okay, Cameron managed to spray water everywhere and begged me not to be evil when I was "assessing" him, meaning I told him everything that was on the sheet, then let him wing it. Thennn, "PDP" otherewise known as total shite, was dull as anything, biology really did just kill the whole day. 
Hate hate HATE it right now. 

Thenn, managed to escape critical thinking 'causee of some drama crap that was talking about driving, blahhhh. Yarp. Ironic that it is that I'm seeing an ex of mine tomorrow and he's supposed to be taking me for a drive. In a car. Sound ?
English Lit is the one thing that kills all joy, shame I had it last really.. Bleh. Ah well, my own choice for taking it I s'poseee. My class is just rediculously small. And crap.

Lunch was actually okay.. Microlite hovering around the school, in the sky.. Obviously.. Now known as peado in the sky (': we are so darn inventive. Thomas Roe got the piss taken out of him, courtesy of me, Zoe and Hannah. 

Hurumppp, today and yesterday actually, all I've been thinking about is Sebastian.. Again. Darn it. I don't know if it's a good thing or bad. Y'see on Monday he started talking to me again, so I rang him cause he asked me. We ended up talking for about two hours, was good to be frank. But I don't know if he wants anything or not )': GAH.
Just wanna knowwww m'homies..

Everything's somehow managed to annoy me as soon as I got home as well. Neicht good, I think I need a nice sleep, no homework for a month and a hunky piece of man to snuggle up to (': Sound. I think.. Bills has been mute for a while :/ so no idea what's happening there, Phillip's in Leicester now so might meet up with HIM on Saturday. Supposed to be seeing Matt on Thursday, really hope he gets I don't like him in THAT way.. Then possibly meeting up with Luke, but doubt that and not too worried about it to be honest (':

Mmmm, good music soothes everything ;D

I want Seb )': GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Dunno if he wants me. I sniff a problem chumsss, help ? Or not actually. I don't take my own advice let alone anyone elses. I am one huge twit of a girl. *prays to God*
Don't laugh, I actually do..

Anywayy, since their music is cheering me up slightly, I thought I'd grace this post with a photo of the epic You Me At Six. It's love (':



Monday, 28 September 2009

well well well

Just look what the cat dragged in..
Milburn (':

Anyway, I'm not here to recite Milburn lyrics, I'm here to write a blog about today and my thoughts and blah blah effing blah, whatever I usually lob into my blogs which people, for whatever reason, decide to read (':
Not that I'm complaining, I love that people read my random, messy, daft frantic typings, it makes me smile that people follow me :D

And so, today. Today has been rather crap actually, I had first period free which I enjoyed immensely actually, I needed it as well. Had a stupid history essay to finish off, really couldn't be bothered, but I somehow managed to write some bullcrap that might be worth something. Then chem wasn't brilliant to be frank, just wasn't in the mood. Plus my effing padlock had broken between free period and second, meaning I had to lug every sodding text book round with me. Well, actually, Fran let me shove some stuff in there, I'm eternally grateful (':
Thenn, history sucked. It uber sucked. Not only did I have to hand in the essay, and the lesson was spent making an effing powerpoint, but I was effectively sitting on my own, then I started thinking about Seb and the tears came. Bad times )':

Biology was dull as anything. English lit last was utter poop. Only good bit of the day was lunch, which was only really spent talking to Amelia, GOOD TIMES !!
The photo I found of Stephen on facebook was epic (': in fact it's so good, I have to grace this blog with it.. I really, REALLY do. Gimmie a min to find it..

Ahaaa, sorted (':

I must say thank you to Rebbeccaaaaa as well, we have an uber cool conversation on facebook.. We really are that cool I tell you ;) good times talking about starbucks, tree humping, the failure of men, liver abuse.. Sounddd (':
And now I have a headache, it's effing killing me mon. I need nurofen, but I feel I really shouldn'nae take it. Not good for me :/ 

Ah fweelllllll, time to concentrate on waking the dead methinks, and the lovely Lady Grey tea I'm currently slurping ;D

Laterssss ;)


Sunday, 27 September 2009

darn those dreams..

So yesterday I didn't actually write a post, was planning to, stayed up to.. Then my internet completely screwed up. It's really getting on my nerves right now, having to reset the bloody server about 17 times a day. GAH !
Anyway, last night wasn't wasted, I got my chem homework done for Smith, just got the chem for Newbold now, and English for Ms Waters, History for Addison and Townsend. Fun ? Nah.

I ended up hitting the sheets about 1am again, I thought I'd be uber knackered and not rise till about 12 at least, but lo and behold, I'm up at half 10. I was actually awake at half 9. I'm not sure I like being conscious this early on a Sunday. It reminds me of when I used to play football and all I had was early mornings :| bad times, bad times. But this morning I woke up when I was having a rather pleasant dream and I just wanted to go back to sleep and be absorbed in it. I love having nice dreams, it's like an alternate reality where anything can happen but no one cares (:
Hmm, strangely it featured two 6th form rugby players that I've seen round lately.. Odd. When I woke up I really wanted to see Seb as well ): still want to. It sucks. GAHHH !! For the second time this morning.

I've also managed to make myself a coffee which I've not yet drank, and lugged a muffin up to my room, which I no longer want. If I'm feeling charitable, I may throw it to the people of Hinckley if I deign to shuffle into town which is plainly not going to happen. I have too much homework and no real need to go into town to be honestt. Which is all good :D

Mum's actually said that she might consider getting me a beloved Blackberry if I show some effort of saving up for it. I did point out that without a job, it could prove problematic. But then she decided to tell me that by increasing my allowance to 20 squid a week and then with my Grandpops 5 squid a week, I could save 100 squid in a month. Just cause she's smart.
The increase was supposed to allow me to buy more of my own junk though, so by saving it, I'm not buying my own junk and end up leaching off her. And then she's going to moan at me for not using my own money, when it's her fault for saying I should save it, so the next logical step if I'm saving my money is to spend hers !! *breathes*

How can my coffee have gone this lukewarm already :| It's global warming I tell you..

I was actually going to thrust a photo into this blog, 'cause although my internets been appalling lately, it's letting me put photos on my blogs, so I'm doing it while I can to be honest. I couldn't actually find anything relevant to this post, but I'm gonna put something on 'cause I like it anyway (: My obsession with London never faulters..

Yarp, I love it (:
 S'later guysss 

Friday, 25 September 2009

good times, good times (':

And so today I was actually debating if I'd had a good day or not. That sounds uber rediculous and I should be shot for typing it but BLEH. Cause in chem this morning, it was rather sound, but biology killed it a bit.. I didn't really have a clue what was going on or what I was supposed to be doing and Froob just seemed to be more interested in attacking me and talking to George.
Froob always seems to enjoy attacking me and hitting me and generally abusing me :| I mean I know my hair can be percieved to be of ginger colour, but it doesn't mean you can abuse me !! GAH !

Chemistry with Cameron was epic though (': AND I managed to only drop 3 marks in the homework that the evil Dr Smith set. And I only realised there were about 15 more bits to the questions I had to do than I originally thought.. ANYWAY. Yeah, I managed to do fairly well so it made me happy :D especially as Smith always thinks I'm completely thick. But yeah, good times with Cameron stressing over his darling logs.. It began a whole series of such things as "The Logs" "log on log" "WAR OF THE LOGS !" the latter of which we plan to film round JC ;)

Yeah, we find logs amusing ;D

Then the history lesson of which I was pretty much dreading all day, didn't turn out too badly thanks to Jake and Stefaniak not being a TOTAL dragon. Something we'd talked about earlier in the week about a certain C.D. and then something we noticed while gazing out the window set it all off and I spent much of the lesson shaking with tears forming due to hysterics ;D good times ! Thenn, english lit was a pain, pretty much. Sylvia Plath was one disturbed woman.. Thenn, I got another hour session with Stefaniak ;D another hour of giggling helplessly with Jake over Faniak's polish husband's relatives.. Stasher and Basher ;) we're too cool.. She actually killed about 20 minutes talking to us about the Polish people (':
She's not completely terrible it seems (: But then again, there are only 7 people in my history class..


V for Vendetta, arguably one of THE best films ever made. I actually love it. Talking of films, went round Archi's tonight and spent many hours salivating over oreos and The Simpsons movie, we're really that cool. Do miss the turd though ): Ahh, just for half term where I can sleep !!

Mmmm, my pj's are so wonderfully comfy ^_^
So tired and weary, and aching actually.. That one's a tad odd.. Ah. Just remembered the text books I've had to lug around pretty much all day, bad times. Daft idea of mine to take subjects which arm you with evil books that you MUST carry on pain of death. I have pretty much made me suicidal for the next year at least with the AS levels I've taken. Just have to wait to see what I really need to take for A2.. Gah (:

I think I've managed to ramble on for long enough, oh, just a note to say that I've sorted the photos on my blog with the new template. Annnddd Nick I just wanted to give a little mention cause your lovely how you manage to read most my blogs (: anndd, I've accepted you on msn (:

Latersss homiesss (':


Thursday, 24 September 2009

all by MYYYYselfff..

Well and truly all by myself. Gah.
Not necessarily physically.. Just by myself. I realised today that I don't really fit in anywhere. At school I have a close group of 2 other friends. In all honesty I wouldn't say they're my closest, but they're the ones I always hang round with. Obviously I know loads of other people, and most of them are pretty good friends. But I still just don't seem to fit IN.
I'm not cool enough to be with the people that have house parties and know everything and are interlectually amazing, then I'm not tarty enough, or confident enough to know everyone and be part of the mass popular group. Then I'm not nerdy enough to hang round with the true geeks, not a seriel girlfriend so I can't join in THERE. It's like. Oh. So just WHERE do I fit in ?

I mean I don't always mind sticking out and not really belonging to a stereotypical group or whatever. But when it comes to someone you know going on about a house party, of one (yes it's sad) which you've never attended, it just makes me a tad meh. It's not exactly my life's ambition to go to a house party, get completely smashed, know the entire rubgy team personally through some sick game of 7 minutes in heaven, and end up with a taste for weed.
I just wouldn't mind giving it a go. Seeing what it's about. My god I sound so effing pathetic :| Can you tell I've been able to think about this a fair bit ?

I blame a stupid history homework assignment and realising how wrong I was about Bobsss.

Start again Rozz.

Anyway, other than that pile of complete mehness, today hasn't been too bad.. At least I didn't wake up late and literally have to mission it to school like I did yesterday. Instead I only had to mission it halfway.. Lessons were nothing special, but chem last with Zoe made my day. S'posed to be doing Titration.. Urm, we kinda f*cked it up. Well, we screwed the first attempt up, got sodium hydroxide all over the bloody floor and put it in the wrong container thing. After that it went fiiiine (: but ran out of distilled water cause we're cooool.

Oh buggeration. I hate Ms Waters, daft woman for english. She always demands homework in for the next day or something equally as daft. What she forgets is I have other homework which is much more important and a whole lot more interesting than the bullshit she dishes out. GAH !

Right, nightnight bloggers, I need sleep and to write crap about an uber disturbed poem called "Daddy" by Syliva Plath. Fecking strange woman. Seriously. She thinks of her father as someone she would want to share sexual relations with.. WTF ?! :| so yeah. Sound.



Tuesday, 22 September 2009

give me nice curves yoda. NOT flab you tard.

Ahoyhoy homies, I have over eaten on pringles and feel like an utter hog right now, I must confess. There wasn't much reason to eat the bloody things, so it wasn't even worth it :| I mean just. WHY ?! Why.

Hannah's brother's got swine flu xD not that I find it amusing, but it would make me WEE if he came out with a curly tail at the end of it (':
I'm not the evil type at all I swear.. Ahem.
Dear God I can'nae find a single song I like on my itunes, 'tis not goooood. I think it's time for something NEW and FRESH and REVITALISING and WOW. Well, I'd be happy with something good to be truthful, but I s'pose WOW could work. Unless it was a song purely consisting of some sad soul shouting WOW every 3 and a half seconds.. Typically known as the WOW song, or to those who have taste, utter shite.

I am in fact warning you lovely people I am about to attempt to do yoga, after about a fortnight of not doing it because of poxy school WUBBISH. And therefore I may die in the attempt. If I do die, my body to be found 3 days after my death, by my mom finally wondering where the eff I am having been lost in the mound of clothes.. Then I want to be cremated and have my history text book burnt with me along with a lock of finest Stefaniak hair. I say lock, with Stefaniak it's more of a chunk.. I want my dogs to wear black and my mum to pretend to cry very effectively (:
That is all. I think my will's been sorted :D

Today's really not been too bad actually, I mean everyone's now lurgied up on my cold (sorry) and JC did another award winning cock up of the new time tables.. But yeah, it's been good (: Biologly with Lorna May Bumcrack (': I remember our childhood so well.. We relive it ever lesson we have together xD and for once in Chem I didn't feel entirely thick ! And Dr Smith has finally admitted she can't say the name "Roz" for love nor money. Let alone food. PFFT !

Buttt either way, for pretty much the first day, I DIDN'T GET ANY HOMEWORK ! I could come home and watch Gilmore Girls without feeling there were a million and one things to do before I should (': it was good. VERY good.
Sadly I forgot I still have to finish of some chem homework and do an effing story board for tomorrow, but meh (:

Oh, and Nicholarse has been a royal twat again. Not that it surprises me. They day he ISN'T a twat shall be the day I die of shock. Hmm, boyfriend please ? Jokess (: I do still want one, but seriously, lonely bloggers corner ? I don't think so..


Yoda mein fuhrer. FIGHT THAT FLAB ! Gracias.

Yoga, Yoda.. Yoga. Yoda. Yoga/Yoda. Can you tell how cool I am ? (':

S'later ;)


Monday, 21 September 2009

GAHHHH. effing smegging fecking POOP.

Oh roll on tomorrow. Earlier I was kinda enjoying today.. Not having to be in the midst of some utter idiots, namely Callum Tipping and several friends who have been acting weird with me lately. But now.. Argh, I'm fed up to be frank. Joshuna my lesbo's busy, probably with his missesssss, Bills is being utterly.. Odd. I dunno. I really don't know anymore ): I think I was wrong before and all.

Everything just seems a tad.. poop tinted. I mean I'm discussing Callum Tipping feeling my backside up for Christ's sake :| I just want someone normal, ish, and nice and huggable and friggin' NEAR ME.
My head's still pulsating, guess I'm not helping myself by listening to the new You Me At Six album. I say it's a new album, it's basically a rerelease. But bleh, technicalities. I love it (: I would love to go and see them live some day. I'm hoping next summer to be a whole festival fest, I NEED IT !! Ohhh crap.

Gone all moochy :/

Don'nae like it. I wanna flaming hug and stuffs. The prospect of school and lessons tomorrow just seems too much, which is rather stupid seeing as I shouldn't be doing overly much. Hopefully. It's just thinking of catch up, homework, text books and the THING that is Callum Tipping ):
Some save me ?


If anyone has a cure for moochiness let me know, music's failing atm, my mind is set ! But then again my mind's been f*cked around a fair bit today. Migrane's are evil. As I said before :/ Great. Now I'm repeating myself.. Ah, byebye will to write and talk and everything else.


Time for bed. Nightnight homies. Happy things to follow (:

S'later x

it sucks to be ill

It's not just the cold now m'homies, I woke up with one of the most evil migranes this morning. I get some uber obscure symptoms actually, apparently it's cause I get a rare type. Something like Brian or Bills or something equally daft. Only really applies to teenage girls. Either way, I felt so groggy this morning. Urghh.
That, and when I went downstairs I couldn't remember how the eff to say "socks" or "tights" thats how freaky it is. The letters were there... But the word certainly wasn't. I was begining to think I'd gone mad over night. GAH !!

Anyway, mom for once, decided not to let me go to school, which proved problematic :/ I was supposed to be having my assessed biology practical today, which I've now missed cause of my stupid brain thing. Least gave me time to sleep a fair bit (: even if it was constantly interrupted by a coughing fits every half hour ;D fun stuff ehhh ?

Mm, pigging out on oreos, tea, waking the dead and texting Joshua (: 'tis all fun I tell you. If I cough my head pulsates though, so I think thats out xD
Mmm, I so want a friggin' boyfriend !! Not good. I feel like a needy fool but meh, I fancy a nice distraction from A levels and a messy room. (: My room is in fact an effing tip right now, I have a wonderful mountain of clothes collecting on my stool, I would tidy them, but being incredibly ill, I think I can get away with not bothering right now :D

Ah, 'tis effort I tell you, I really should do some homework to be honest, seeing as I missed 2 proper lessons today, but then again the only one I'm actually going to have to catch up on is history. English lit is hardly a lesson where much work is actually done :/ GAHHH.
Bills was chatting last night, I'm a tad confused.. Maybe it's just me thinking things that aren't true, we'll see I s'pose (:

Anywayy, last night went to see Dorian Gray with Dais and Scott (: wasn't a bad film actually, but Archi claimed the lead role was hot !! HE WAS NOT HOT !! I've been out with guys who've been hotter than him ! It was basically soft porn. What a good message ehh ? Haa, ah well, t'was not bad at all (:

Riight, I'm going to salivate over Waking the Dead, drink tea, text Joshua and think some stuff over. I might consider homework later.. Maybe (':



Sunday, 20 September 2009

midnight blogging again ;D

And so on this fine night m'homies...
HANG ON. I told Facebook to log me off ages ago. F*cking tard of a social networking sight. POOOOO on you. Haaaaa, pooing on facebook, what a thought.
Facebook brings so much entertainment to our lovely little existance, FarmVille, Viking Wars, a chat programme that emmits a loud *POP* with every effing message, and the inevitable status updates. Why, it allows you to feel free to tell the entire population of "friends" that you have constipation.
Or in Christian Hoffman's case, to come out the closet as a bi. Was so intrigued by Emily Froob Harrison talking about it today, I felt the need to find it when I got home (: interesting comments I tell you.. But still not as many as I had when I got dumped the day before my birthday. BOOYA ;D

In fact today has been rather good, I was planning on seeing Nicholarseee, an ex who used to take drugs, eff only knows if he still does or not, but then that kinda failed. "Oh yeah, I have to wait in for the decoraters" bullshit bab. You just want a shag, which, might I add, you're NOT going to get.. So you come up with some frankly appalling excuse. SHAME ON YOU. So ended up traipsing to ASDA to purchase the new You Me At Six album <3 This was an emotional and very new sensation for me, because usually I get all my music by illegal downloads via utorrent. Haa, it's cheap ! Spending 8 quid on the album was rather odd and I'm not sure I like it.. but it IS YM@6 so I shouldn't complain..

Annddd, because I was going all the way to ASDA, Froob decided that because she doesn't live too far away from it, it was acceptable to for me to go and meet her to mosey into town. So I met up with the tard and it proved rather amusing. She now thinks I'm a compulsive tree humper and utter freak, who finds it next to impossible NOT to spew utter crap. Now she knows better !
Lounging about outside the Leisure Centre proved intersting.. The road was fairly close and she decided to attack me, f*ck knows what for, she seems to find it amusing.. Good times. Anyway, she'd kinda leaped on me and a car of mini chavs had pulled up and decided to shout abuse, such as, "get a room." OH HOW ORIGINAL ! F*cking chavs. You can tell where their minds are centred.. Having said that, she is actually bi. Not that I blame her. Faith in men is dwindling. 'Tis only a tiny speck on the faith ratio thing. I have no idea what I'm going on about anymore. I'm really irritated 'cause this effing blog thing just deleted the majority of my blog and it's effing annoyed me. I spent a while typing it and my eyes are uber sleepy. Froob is too energetic, well, more I had to walk too much today. I sound like such an excersise freak.. Not.


Anywayy, tomorrow I should be venturing to Cov with Archi babes to see Dorian Gray. No idea what the effing storyline is, but apparently the lead actor's hot so it works. Then before the fateful time of 4:14pm, I get to do the world's shittiest invetion of homework ;D I say the world's shittiest invention, that would be Birmingham. I mean the Government's board of education. F*cking sadists. Might go round Froob's actually, need her brains for chem and biology, as I am officially THICK. That and I get too distracted here. I may well be word perfect in all the songs for Sweeny Todd, however I don't think that's going to help me get into a Forensic Science course at uni.
Bugger it.

The amount of shit that goes on in my head :| I think I should be sectioned :| And please don't take that literally, I don't want to end up in broadmore. *shivers*

Meh, I'm all sleepy and irritated now. If this bloody thing deletes half my blog again I'm going to cry. I'm knackered as it is and the stuff I put in the post that got mostly deleted was solid gold blogging shit ): SODDING TECHNOLOGY. Having said that I love my phone and all. Well, if I get a new one. The charger's stopped working and I WANT A BLACKBERRY !!

Hmm, fun conversation with Rhodri earlier, he's getting a tad stressed about things with his girlfriend :/ Bless him. Actually, I can't remember if I said, but my brother's girlfriend, Charlie, dumped him lately. Can't say I blame her to be frank. She is actually lovely and I hate the fact he cheated on her. She deserves better tbh :/ Ahh, can't wait to try and get another boyfriend. I want one ):
I miss having one that I can blather to about anything and get hugs and steal hoodies ): sucks right now.

Right, time to head to bed and think and dream about whatever invades my cranium (: Ew. SAW III :| Jigsaw gets part of his skull removed.. Fun stuff ehhh ?

NIIIIGHT homies. Latersss (':


Friday, 18 September 2009


Actually it's just an evil little cold which has almost gone really, but the coughing fits hurt like hell. My poor darling throat ): t's the sadest story you've ever heard I bet.. Reg and her poor sore throat and living off strepsils (:

Mmm, uber tired now (:

OUIIII ! We were reunited once more, after a week without the tart, I felt like leaping on her and shoving oreos in every available oraphis ;D Hmm, I don't think I've spelt oraphis right.. Meh, don't have the effort to check.
We gorged on oreos, coffee and the gore that is Saw III. Immense I tell you.. That and I finally saw the bag of weed clip on youtube, as well as Snape's diary in Potter Puppet Pals. Perfectly recited by the wonderful Stephen Leach on my only day of Lutterworth College :D
Giggle worthy I tell you ;)


Sorry, minor coughing fit :/ urghhh, not niiiice ):

Dumdidum ehh (: had a lovely day texting Joshua the lesbo, I mean chem flew right over my head, Critical Thinking was an utter piss take. In the "debate" I sat there making my side giggle and the teacher (bores for England..) and the other side sat there looking glum.. Bless. Then history was alriiight I s'pose, I fear Jess Hailstone is in a huff with me :\ I was ssaving a seat for Sarahhh and her furry bum ;D then Jake decided to attack me.. Biology.. Bleh. And English was dull as dish water. The room was so uber opressive, gave me a biatch of a headache. Had SO much to carry though, so many text books and work. Wanted to cry :|
Too much homework to do but meh, I'll manage :D

Thenn tomorrow I get to see Nicholarseeee (hmm.) and Sunday hopefully Dorian Gray with Archi (':

So sleepy ! But got poky, strepsils, tissues, New Tricks and Joshua the lesbo to chat with (: 'tis allll good. I mean it's missing the lovely boyfriend with an even lovlier hoody, but bleh, I'm sure it will come.. Hopefully anyway.

Emily Harrison is a TARD. And I love herrr (: she's such a FROOOOOB. We have good biology and chemistry lessons (': she might attack me and call me a ginge.. But she's an uber good tart (: with a lovely brick for a mobile. Old school ? NEIN. Just old ;D

Anywayyy, lesbo wants my attention ;D niiight night my darling tarts <3


Thursday, 17 September 2009


In the nature of laziness I forgot to mention that the whole school, 6th form, too much homework fandango plus a really lousy cold (swine flu) makes me stupidly sleepy and utterly knackered.

Hmm, I have critical thinking tomorrow.. Sleepy time much ?

Ahh, must dash, Nic's chatting :P

Tatss x

SLEEEEEEP. maybe ?

I never realised 6th form would be such a huge effort. I don't like the fact that I am forced to leave my comfy nest of a bed at 7 then attempt to look human, only to have a half hour walk to school at which point my hair goes poofy and my face just becomes.. well. A mess.
And the amount of text books and similar shit I have to carry is getting rediculous, at least after A level I'm going to have the most beautifully defined arm muscles.. Homework every night isn't a favourite of mine either :/ to be frank I detest it. Uber pointless. Well, not pointless, just time consuming and boring. GAH !!

Otherwise I like being back at school tbh, good to see people and actually make new homies (': it makes me happy. Especially when they're as retarded as meee xD

Today was alright actually. I mean I'm not allowed to take Forensic Science BTEC because of bloody critical thinking, but all I really need to forensics at uni is Chem and Biology (: Critical thinking will be a lovely thing to drop after AS though, the look on my teachers face when he finds out everyone's dropped it.. How.. revitalising :D
Annddd I had a free 4th period so moseyed into town. On my larry, but still. Meant I could get lunch, hot chocolate and strepsils (: I wasn't complaining. Burnt my tongue on the hot chocolate ALOT though. Ouch.


Billsy bob has a flacid penis.


The lesbo being Joshuaaa (': I've missed the raving tart, he hasn't abused me for so long it feels slightly alien now. One day I shall leap on him and call him a true tart and bless him with his first cod piece (:
I really have no idea what I'm on about anymore.. THE SWINE FLU (cold.) HAS TAKEN OVER.

I've been eaten by miniture pigs. Moo.

I've just decided Bills sucks. Mainly becauseeee... I'm not going to say actually. He might read this. (which I doubt but meh.)

Anywayyy, I have an application form to fill in, homework to do and a bath to leap in soooon. So, for now my dear freaks, especially Emily the TARD. And Lorna May Bumcrack ;) I shall leave you with this thought..

Cremated roots.

Laters ;)


Monday, 14 September 2009

this sucks ):

Bugger bugger bugger BUGGER IT.

*sigh. again.*

Finished my coffee and my thoughts are utter poo.

Byebye sanity :/


a philosophical mind..a cure ?

Not smegging likely to be honest m'homies. More like a cure comes in the form of philosophical thoughts. I think. Maybe :/


Today has been the true begining of A levels, rather irritating having to spend the entire duration of my free period first thing hunting for biology teachers, namely Frainey darling, and maths teachers which actually had a free. The trouble with changing subjects ehhh ?
Having said that, managed to get it sorted at break (: meant I had to go to biology 4th but I guess it was a good thing, I've missed a fair bit and biology was never something I was amazing at, plus they're starting coursework next week :| thanks for the warning guys.. Ah well, only have myself to blame really.

Had to resort to buying a locker today, the amount of text books and folders and other general crap I have to lug round with me was getting rediculous, by the time I put everything down, with a noteably loud crash might I add, my arm was actually shaking with the strain :| it was a bit like when my brother was intirely dependant on caffine. He really did look like a druggy tbh, he also got into a bit of a mess at AS :/ ah well. Git managed to get into a pretty darn good uni anyway. I blame his girlfriend ;) lolsss.
Had so much catching up to do :| who'd have thought that missing one measly day just to go and see another bloody 6th form could result in stupid amounts of catching up on notes. I could have cried when I found out I had to catch up on not only biology, but a heck of alot of history, and a fairly vital part of chem :| WHY ??!?!?!?

Failed to find Stefaniak darling as well at lunch so looks like I'm for the guillotine tomorrow ;D and Bromley was nowhere to be found. Shocker. She spent so much time off, even when I was in main school it was like she had reoccurring swine flu..

AH !

In other news flashes, my darling Archibold may have lassooed herself a nice little bit of manliness (: and no, she has not managed to retrieve her penis from me, but there is a small chance that some guy is deeply devoted to the smashing tart (':
Good luck to him tbh, once he finds out she has a penis she's toast.

Well, thats unless of course he likes a bit of both and wouldn't mind trying anal.. PAHAAAAAA. That'll be the day..

OOOOO found some zippo lighters in a key shop thing in Hinckley as well, might see if I can persuade my brother to buy one for me (: they're hot (': and no, I don't smoke, I just love fire, and candles.. Oh so many candless. In fact I used to have a nasty habit of just about suffocating myself because I had so many lit and didn't want to open my windows for fear they'd all go out.
That or set fire to my ugly curtains..
Meh ;D

I'm gonna go drink coffee and mull over my thoughts (:



Sunday, 13 September 2009

I wish to blog like a dedicated blogger and social parasite (:

In fact, I'd rather NOT be a social parasite tbh, especially seeing as I'm not really that far away from becoming one :/ dumdidumm, most social thing I've done lately is go round Archibold's, munch oreo's, poky, get molested by her darling spaniels and watch Howl's moving castle. Thrilling stuff eh ? Thats not mentioning I've been texting Billsy pretty much every day/night. Not that I'm complaining (: we come to some rather interesting points in the conversations.. largely about dick lick or drugs actually..


Ahem, course we are *nerd.*
And so today the most I've done is walk into town to waste my money on tights and shoes :\ really not the most exciting pieces of clothing I've ever bought but meh, I s'pose I need them for 6th form. Everything seems to revolve around 6th form lately actually, yesterday I ended up buying yet MORE folders, subject dividers, pens and notepads, as well as a top for 6th form :| I'M POSSESSED !! Help ?! Ah well (: got to do some reading on history and english soooon, the hell of Jane Eyre awaits, ever depressing.

In a way I'm actually rather glad to be going back to school, means I don't loll around all day in bed and jimjams, Iactually get some decent excersize instead of crawling around in my duvet and doing yoga. Yoga's getting rather fun, I've discovered I can just rest my knees on my nose and can fiddle with my draws when I'm doing "plough." The things I resort to when I'm bored and have nothing better to do with my time (':

In fact lately, it's been full on, "return of the ex's" DUNDUNDUHHHHH.
Ja. My ex boyfriends are plaguing me once more.

Well, hardly plaguing, but just talking to me again, it's really obscure tbh, especially as one broke my heart, one was a druggy, the other was a best friends brother, another a chav and the other still has me blocked on msn. In fact the blocking was my request.. I seemed to annoy him so I asked him to block me :P seemed easy enough. Anyway, I think about 3 still have feelings for me, APPARENTLY, the one that broke my heart's properly moved on so I feel rather shit about it, and obviously the last has got me blocked.

Really wouldn't say no to a new lovely boyfriend (:


If you ever go into like Blue Banana, take a look at all the David and Goliath stuff, it's truly immense. SO CUTEE !! Thing is the hoody's cost like 40 quid :/ and the normal tops about 25.. It sucks to be poor. Especially seeing as I'm constantly salivating over the Blackberry curve 8900.. My mom refuses to get it for me which sucks uber badly ): I would actually use it and alll. Parents will never learn the importance of technology to today's youth..

Mmmm I SO want coffee. I'm going to have to go and make a lovely steaming cuppa in a minute methinks (: I feel I've deserved one. Especially as yesterday my lovely sandal things gave my feet the most horrendous blisters, I doubt I'll ever learn NOT to wear sandals/flip flop fandangos if I'm going for a long walk or whatever, they look pretty (: especially in summer.. obviously. I can't really see myself wearing sandals in snow.. my poor obese toes might get frostbite, which would be a shame really, seeing as they look rather commical.


I'm listening to a Russian song :| which actually sounds better that it's English alternative.. how awesome ;D

Ooo my grandpops is here (: my five squid has just arrived ;D

Laterss loviesssss


Saturday, 12 September 2009

E.T's back home

Well actually I've just rediscovered my blog and need an emotional outlet tbh.

Started back at JC on Friday, well, proper lessons started on Tuesday, Friday and Monday were basically piss takes of "induction" days. Team building: let's build a tower out of paper to get to know people's names ;D why the hell not ?! Ironically my team's tower won, despite the fact it was only about a foot tall.. There was a side running rule saying that it had to be able to stand up, unsupported for a minute. Ours did xD that's how cool my tutor group is..
In fact for like a month before I went back to school, I was trying to get into a different sixth form, Lutterworth in fact. Mainly because the induction day in July was utterly diabolical and a disgrace to 6th forms across the country. I hated it, simply. So that and the fact that my darling Archibold was abandoning me for Lutterworth made me eager to get away. But in fact, JC isn't that bad for 6th form.. my lessons so far have been rather pleasant, especially the second history lesson.. Room in 6th form where you could see the study area outside the door, VERY hot 6th former (: was a lovely little staring session at eachother, mmmm. (':

Anyway, I actaually managed to go to Lutterworth to see what it was like yesterday, and tbh I didn't enjoy it that much. Probably because I was an utter loner in all my lessons, but I dunno, it was just.. weird. Either way I've decided to rest my size 12 bottom at JC (: also had to change from maths to biology. For some unknown reason my brain didn't realise I'd need biology to do forensics at uni, and I wasn't gonna do anything with maths anyway. Seems a logical thing to drop it, especially as I felt an utter thicky. MEH ! I no longer care !!


'tis a calming thought (':

In other news, I'm actually really broody for a boyfriend ): it's terrible. Especially seeing as Sebastian's lovely new personal message is about this girl he likes, so I feel utterly crap, which is really rediculous because I shouldn't CARE if he has a new love interest or not. He dumped me TWICE !! Once before my birthday !! As I've stated on facebook, my brain and my heart have issues :/ and on msn, I think my heart's a useless organ. Obviously I mean in relation with my emotions, not that it's ACTUALLY a useless organ.. I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for my heart. Shut up Rozz. You're an effing fool.

I need yoga, SLEEEEP !!!! And some good friends, not to mention perhaps, the infiltration of a lovely little boyfriend perhaps (:
Ah, a girl can dream, hope and pray <3

Laters my darlings (:

Oh, and I will actually try and blog more reguarly now (: now I'm back into the whole school thing, and now I have free periods and PERHAPS a Blackberry on which to blog from l'escole (: