Monday, 21 September 2009

it sucks to be ill

It's not just the cold now m'homies, I woke up with one of the most evil migranes this morning. I get some uber obscure symptoms actually, apparently it's cause I get a rare type. Something like Brian or Bills or something equally daft. Only really applies to teenage girls. Either way, I felt so groggy this morning. Urghh.
That, and when I went downstairs I couldn't remember how the eff to say "socks" or "tights" thats how freaky it is. The letters were there... But the word certainly wasn't. I was begining to think I'd gone mad over night. GAH !!

Anyway, mom for once, decided not to let me go to school, which proved problematic :/ I was supposed to be having my assessed biology practical today, which I've now missed cause of my stupid brain thing. Least gave me time to sleep a fair bit (: even if it was constantly interrupted by a coughing fits every half hour ;D fun stuff ehhh ?

Mm, pigging out on oreos, tea, waking the dead and texting Joshua (: 'tis all fun I tell you. If I cough my head pulsates though, so I think thats out xD
Mmm, I so want a friggin' boyfriend !! Not good. I feel like a needy fool but meh, I fancy a nice distraction from A levels and a messy room. (: My room is in fact an effing tip right now, I have a wonderful mountain of clothes collecting on my stool, I would tidy them, but being incredibly ill, I think I can get away with not bothering right now :D

Ah, 'tis effort I tell you, I really should do some homework to be honest, seeing as I missed 2 proper lessons today, but then again the only one I'm actually going to have to catch up on is history. English lit is hardly a lesson where much work is actually done :/ GAHHH.
Bills was chatting last night, I'm a tad confused.. Maybe it's just me thinking things that aren't true, we'll see I s'pose (:

Anywayy, last night went to see Dorian Gray with Dais and Scott (: wasn't a bad film actually, but Archi claimed the lead role was hot !! HE WAS NOT HOT !! I've been out with guys who've been hotter than him ! It was basically soft porn. What a good message ehh ? Haa, ah well, t'was not bad at all (:

Riight, I'm going to salivate over Waking the Dead, drink tea, text Joshua and think some stuff over. I might consider homework later.. Maybe (':



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  1. Yea, sickness sucks!

    I understand how you feel with this whole wanting a boyfriend thing. I really want a girlfriend. Actually, I just told the girl that I've been blogging about how I feel about her. She said she cares about me and cherishes our friendship. She also said that it would be better to keep things the way they are. Rejection basically. But whatever. I think I've kinda moved on already (all this happened last night). That's not too f*cked up is it?

    Have fun with your homework! I just got through with mine. I hate not being able to get on my laptop til after I finish. I wish I didn't have so much!!


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