Thursday, 24 September 2009

all by MYYYYselfff..

Well and truly all by myself. Gah.
Not necessarily physically.. Just by myself. I realised today that I don't really fit in anywhere. At school I have a close group of 2 other friends. In all honesty I wouldn't say they're my closest, but they're the ones I always hang round with. Obviously I know loads of other people, and most of them are pretty good friends. But I still just don't seem to fit IN.
I'm not cool enough to be with the people that have house parties and know everything and are interlectually amazing, then I'm not tarty enough, or confident enough to know everyone and be part of the mass popular group. Then I'm not nerdy enough to hang round with the true geeks, not a seriel girlfriend so I can't join in THERE. It's like. Oh. So just WHERE do I fit in ?

I mean I don't always mind sticking out and not really belonging to a stereotypical group or whatever. But when it comes to someone you know going on about a house party, of one (yes it's sad) which you've never attended, it just makes me a tad meh. It's not exactly my life's ambition to go to a house party, get completely smashed, know the entire rubgy team personally through some sick game of 7 minutes in heaven, and end up with a taste for weed.
I just wouldn't mind giving it a go. Seeing what it's about. My god I sound so effing pathetic :| Can you tell I've been able to think about this a fair bit ?

I blame a stupid history homework assignment and realising how wrong I was about Bobsss.

Start again Rozz.

Anyway, other than that pile of complete mehness, today hasn't been too bad.. At least I didn't wake up late and literally have to mission it to school like I did yesterday. Instead I only had to mission it halfway.. Lessons were nothing special, but chem last with Zoe made my day. S'posed to be doing Titration.. Urm, we kinda f*cked it up. Well, we screwed the first attempt up, got sodium hydroxide all over the bloody floor and put it in the wrong container thing. After that it went fiiiine (: but ran out of distilled water cause we're cooool.

Oh buggeration. I hate Ms Waters, daft woman for english. She always demands homework in for the next day or something equally as daft. What she forgets is I have other homework which is much more important and a whole lot more interesting than the bullshit she dishes out. GAH !

Right, nightnight bloggers, I need sleep and to write crap about an uber disturbed poem called "Daddy" by Syliva Plath. Fecking strange woman. Seriously. She thinks of her father as someone she would want to share sexual relations with.. WTF ?! :| so yeah. Sound.




  1. I like the new template (:

    I was almost fitting in but I f*cked it all up today. A harmless prank gone wrong. How clichéd. I really don't want to go to school tomorrow. I don't know what's gonna happen. In a desperate attampt to save myself though, I just did an apology post on my blog.

    I remember screwing up titration. I'm terrible with water. If somebody hands me water during an experiment, that water is going to get spilled. lol

  2. Thanks (: I like it apart from the fact it's cut some of my photos off :/

    Ah.. I'm guessing the prank texting thing ? I read your blog.. They have to accept that you had a moment of dumbness.

    Titration's FUN. It uses pretty colours xD lol


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