Sunday, 27 September 2009

darn those dreams..

So yesterday I didn't actually write a post, was planning to, stayed up to.. Then my internet completely screwed up. It's really getting on my nerves right now, having to reset the bloody server about 17 times a day. GAH !
Anyway, last night wasn't wasted, I got my chem homework done for Smith, just got the chem for Newbold now, and English for Ms Waters, History for Addison and Townsend. Fun ? Nah.

I ended up hitting the sheets about 1am again, I thought I'd be uber knackered and not rise till about 12 at least, but lo and behold, I'm up at half 10. I was actually awake at half 9. I'm not sure I like being conscious this early on a Sunday. It reminds me of when I used to play football and all I had was early mornings :| bad times, bad times. But this morning I woke up when I was having a rather pleasant dream and I just wanted to go back to sleep and be absorbed in it. I love having nice dreams, it's like an alternate reality where anything can happen but no one cares (:
Hmm, strangely it featured two 6th form rugby players that I've seen round lately.. Odd. When I woke up I really wanted to see Seb as well ): still want to. It sucks. GAHHH !! For the second time this morning.

I've also managed to make myself a coffee which I've not yet drank, and lugged a muffin up to my room, which I no longer want. If I'm feeling charitable, I may throw it to the people of Hinckley if I deign to shuffle into town which is plainly not going to happen. I have too much homework and no real need to go into town to be honestt. Which is all good :D

Mum's actually said that she might consider getting me a beloved Blackberry if I show some effort of saving up for it. I did point out that without a job, it could prove problematic. But then she decided to tell me that by increasing my allowance to 20 squid a week and then with my Grandpops 5 squid a week, I could save 100 squid in a month. Just cause she's smart.
The increase was supposed to allow me to buy more of my own junk though, so by saving it, I'm not buying my own junk and end up leaching off her. And then she's going to moan at me for not using my own money, when it's her fault for saying I should save it, so the next logical step if I'm saving my money is to spend hers !! *breathes*

How can my coffee have gone this lukewarm already :| It's global warming I tell you..

I was actually going to thrust a photo into this blog, 'cause although my internets been appalling lately, it's letting me put photos on my blogs, so I'm doing it while I can to be honest. I couldn't actually find anything relevant to this post, but I'm gonna put something on 'cause I like it anyway (: My obsession with London never faulters..

Yarp, I love it (:
 S'later guysss 


  1. 1 AM? I usually can't make it past 11 anymore. I'm definitely capable of sleeping til 12 tho.

    I never really liked the balckberry. It seems more like a business person's phone.

    Wouldn't global warming make your coffee hotter?

    I've been trying to get my own photos into my blog but my brother still hasn't given me the USB cord to connect my phone to the computer. It was supposed to be a birthday present. Now, I think I may get it for Christmas.

  2. I knoww, I'm the same now. School is actually going to be the death of me :|

    I <3 the blackberry (: I don't care if it's a business phone, I think it's hot (:

    And not to me it wouldn't !! The coffee being made hotter.. Blahh (:

    Ahaaa, brothers are an irritation. At least mine is, ruddy pumpkin head.. I advise you just go and buy your own tbh (: only a couple of quid.


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