Sunday, 20 September 2009

midnight blogging again ;D

And so on this fine night m'homies...
HANG ON. I told Facebook to log me off ages ago. F*cking tard of a social networking sight. POOOOO on you. Haaaaa, pooing on facebook, what a thought.
Facebook brings so much entertainment to our lovely little existance, FarmVille, Viking Wars, a chat programme that emmits a loud *POP* with every effing message, and the inevitable status updates. Why, it allows you to feel free to tell the entire population of "friends" that you have constipation.
Or in Christian Hoffman's case, to come out the closet as a bi. Was so intrigued by Emily Froob Harrison talking about it today, I felt the need to find it when I got home (: interesting comments I tell you.. But still not as many as I had when I got dumped the day before my birthday. BOOYA ;D

In fact today has been rather good, I was planning on seeing Nicholarseee, an ex who used to take drugs, eff only knows if he still does or not, but then that kinda failed. "Oh yeah, I have to wait in for the decoraters" bullshit bab. You just want a shag, which, might I add, you're NOT going to get.. So you come up with some frankly appalling excuse. SHAME ON YOU. So ended up traipsing to ASDA to purchase the new You Me At Six album <3 This was an emotional and very new sensation for me, because usually I get all my music by illegal downloads via utorrent. Haa, it's cheap ! Spending 8 quid on the album was rather odd and I'm not sure I like it.. but it IS YM@6 so I shouldn't complain..

Annddd, because I was going all the way to ASDA, Froob decided that because she doesn't live too far away from it, it was acceptable to for me to go and meet her to mosey into town. So I met up with the tard and it proved rather amusing. She now thinks I'm a compulsive tree humper and utter freak, who finds it next to impossible NOT to spew utter crap. Now she knows better !
Lounging about outside the Leisure Centre proved intersting.. The road was fairly close and she decided to attack me, f*ck knows what for, she seems to find it amusing.. Good times. Anyway, she'd kinda leaped on me and a car of mini chavs had pulled up and decided to shout abuse, such as, "get a room." OH HOW ORIGINAL ! F*cking chavs. You can tell where their minds are centred.. Having said that, she is actually bi. Not that I blame her. Faith in men is dwindling. 'Tis only a tiny speck on the faith ratio thing. I have no idea what I'm going on about anymore. I'm really irritated 'cause this effing blog thing just deleted the majority of my blog and it's effing annoyed me. I spent a while typing it and my eyes are uber sleepy. Froob is too energetic, well, more I had to walk too much today. I sound like such an excersise freak.. Not.


Anywayy, tomorrow I should be venturing to Cov with Archi babes to see Dorian Gray. No idea what the effing storyline is, but apparently the lead actor's hot so it works. Then before the fateful time of 4:14pm, I get to do the world's shittiest invetion of homework ;D I say the world's shittiest invention, that would be Birmingham. I mean the Government's board of education. F*cking sadists. Might go round Froob's actually, need her brains for chem and biology, as I am officially THICK. That and I get too distracted here. I may well be word perfect in all the songs for Sweeny Todd, however I don't think that's going to help me get into a Forensic Science course at uni.
Bugger it.

The amount of shit that goes on in my head :| I think I should be sectioned :| And please don't take that literally, I don't want to end up in broadmore. *shivers*

Meh, I'm all sleepy and irritated now. If this bloody thing deletes half my blog again I'm going to cry. I'm knackered as it is and the stuff I put in the post that got mostly deleted was solid gold blogging shit ): SODDING TECHNOLOGY. Having said that I love my phone and all. Well, if I get a new one. The charger's stopped working and I WANT A BLACKBERRY !!

Hmm, fun conversation with Rhodri earlier, he's getting a tad stressed about things with his girlfriend :/ Bless him. Actually, I can't remember if I said, but my brother's girlfriend, Charlie, dumped him lately. Can't say I blame her to be frank. She is actually lovely and I hate the fact he cheated on her. She deserves better tbh :/ Ahh, can't wait to try and get another boyfriend. I want one ):
I miss having one that I can blather to about anything and get hugs and steal hoodies ): sucks right now.

Right, time to head to bed and think and dream about whatever invades my cranium (: Ew. SAW III :| Jigsaw gets part of his skull removed.. Fun stuff ehhh ?

NIIIIGHT homies. Latersss (':



  1. You'll find a guy eventually. Don't worry :)

    I'm also extremely thick. Not in school, but in life. I have absolutely no common sense lol. For some reason I always pick the harder way to do something. Maybe it's a blonde thing

    I am also so f***ing tired! And it's only 8:46 here. Maybe it's the exhaustion from my shitty weekend job. It's only my first day and i f***ing hate it! But whatever. Maybe I'll get lucky and be fired lol.

  2. Ahh, I hope I will (:

    Surely nott !! Common sense comes and goes, I have little of it and choose the hardest, most difficult ways of doing things. Good times (':

    It's school and work !! Blame it on the Government !! Don't quit ! If it brings money, why are you complaining ?! I don't care if I get a crap job as long as it pays tbh. Obviously only like a weekend job or something. (:


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