Friday, 18 September 2009


Actually it's just an evil little cold which has almost gone really, but the coughing fits hurt like hell. My poor darling throat ): t's the sadest story you've ever heard I bet.. Reg and her poor sore throat and living off strepsils (:

Mmm, uber tired now (:

OUIIII ! We were reunited once more, after a week without the tart, I felt like leaping on her and shoving oreos in every available oraphis ;D Hmm, I don't think I've spelt oraphis right.. Meh, don't have the effort to check.
We gorged on oreos, coffee and the gore that is Saw III. Immense I tell you.. That and I finally saw the bag of weed clip on youtube, as well as Snape's diary in Potter Puppet Pals. Perfectly recited by the wonderful Stephen Leach on my only day of Lutterworth College :D
Giggle worthy I tell you ;)


Sorry, minor coughing fit :/ urghhh, not niiiice ):

Dumdidum ehh (: had a lovely day texting Joshua the lesbo, I mean chem flew right over my head, Critical Thinking was an utter piss take. In the "debate" I sat there making my side giggle and the teacher (bores for England..) and the other side sat there looking glum.. Bless. Then history was alriiight I s'pose, I fear Jess Hailstone is in a huff with me :\ I was ssaving a seat for Sarahhh and her furry bum ;D then Jake decided to attack me.. Biology.. Bleh. And English was dull as dish water. The room was so uber opressive, gave me a biatch of a headache. Had SO much to carry though, so many text books and work. Wanted to cry :|
Too much homework to do but meh, I'll manage :D

Thenn tomorrow I get to see Nicholarseeee (hmm.) and Sunday hopefully Dorian Gray with Archi (':

So sleepy ! But got poky, strepsils, tissues, New Tricks and Joshua the lesbo to chat with (: 'tis allll good. I mean it's missing the lovely boyfriend with an even lovlier hoody, but bleh, I'm sure it will come.. Hopefully anyway.

Emily Harrison is a TARD. And I love herrr (: she's such a FROOOOOB. We have good biology and chemistry lessons (': she might attack me and call me a ginge.. But she's an uber good tart (: with a lovely brick for a mobile. Old school ? NEIN. Just old ;D

Anywayyy, lesbo wants my attention ;D niiight night my darling tarts <3



  1. I love your posts. They're all over the place.

    Coughing fits suck. especially when u got a mother with a short temper who will sometimes get pissed at all your coughing :(. Whatever, I'm feeling now. I hope you get well soon.

    school was awkward this for me this week, due to the whole breakup and shit. but holy crap, you've got so much going on!!!! i sort of envy you. i lead a rather boring life (besides prank texting everyone in my school).

  2. I remember my first year at college/sixth form, PAINFUL amount of homework :| good luck. (y)
    LOL this may sound a tad random but you commented on one of my blogs back in august time and i've only just found it, i wasn't ignoring you if you thought i was a complete bitch or something of the like! this thing doesn't email you to say when someone's commented so :/ lol.
    Anyway. Sorry about that.
    I hope you feel better :)

  3. OROPHACE!!!!!!
    Omnom Oreo in Orophace
    But, Regi, I still get flashbacks to the bit where the guy gets his limbs twisted off and the other bit when Jigsaw gets his skull drilled and sawed...


    Grr, Btw, blogging again :D


  4. Nick : Coughing fits majorly suck tbh ): kinda interesting at 1am when my mom's trying to sleep.. such short tempers we women have ;D ahh, school is stressful. Homework's a plain irritation :| hope you get on okay (:

    Rebbeccah : I didn't think you were a biiitch (: I hardly remember to check my comments, stupid lack of email things >.< gah. Homework suckssss ): and thanks (: x

    Daisy : Eff off tard ;) you loved Saw III. DO NOT DENY IT.


    And your dogs like to dry hump me. Or maybe that's Stephen.. meh.

    LOVE YOU. <3


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