Sunday, 13 September 2009

I wish to blog like a dedicated blogger and social parasite (:

In fact, I'd rather NOT be a social parasite tbh, especially seeing as I'm not really that far away from becoming one :/ dumdidumm, most social thing I've done lately is go round Archibold's, munch oreo's, poky, get molested by her darling spaniels and watch Howl's moving castle. Thrilling stuff eh ? Thats not mentioning I've been texting Billsy pretty much every day/night. Not that I'm complaining (: we come to some rather interesting points in the conversations.. largely about dick lick or drugs actually..


Ahem, course we are *nerd.*
And so today the most I've done is walk into town to waste my money on tights and shoes :\ really not the most exciting pieces of clothing I've ever bought but meh, I s'pose I need them for 6th form. Everything seems to revolve around 6th form lately actually, yesterday I ended up buying yet MORE folders, subject dividers, pens and notepads, as well as a top for 6th form :| I'M POSSESSED !! Help ?! Ah well (: got to do some reading on history and english soooon, the hell of Jane Eyre awaits, ever depressing.

In a way I'm actually rather glad to be going back to school, means I don't loll around all day in bed and jimjams, Iactually get some decent excersize instead of crawling around in my duvet and doing yoga. Yoga's getting rather fun, I've discovered I can just rest my knees on my nose and can fiddle with my draws when I'm doing "plough." The things I resort to when I'm bored and have nothing better to do with my time (':

In fact lately, it's been full on, "return of the ex's" DUNDUNDUHHHHH.
Ja. My ex boyfriends are plaguing me once more.

Well, hardly plaguing, but just talking to me again, it's really obscure tbh, especially as one broke my heart, one was a druggy, the other was a best friends brother, another a chav and the other still has me blocked on msn. In fact the blocking was my request.. I seemed to annoy him so I asked him to block me :P seemed easy enough. Anyway, I think about 3 still have feelings for me, APPARENTLY, the one that broke my heart's properly moved on so I feel rather shit about it, and obviously the last has got me blocked.

Really wouldn't say no to a new lovely boyfriend (:


If you ever go into like Blue Banana, take a look at all the David and Goliath stuff, it's truly immense. SO CUTEE !! Thing is the hoody's cost like 40 quid :/ and the normal tops about 25.. It sucks to be poor. Especially seeing as I'm constantly salivating over the Blackberry curve 8900.. My mom refuses to get it for me which sucks uber badly ): I would actually use it and alll. Parents will never learn the importance of technology to today's youth..

Mmmm I SO want coffee. I'm going to have to go and make a lovely steaming cuppa in a minute methinks (: I feel I've deserved one. Especially as yesterday my lovely sandal things gave my feet the most horrendous blisters, I doubt I'll ever learn NOT to wear sandals/flip flop fandangos if I'm going for a long walk or whatever, they look pretty (: especially in summer.. obviously. I can't really see myself wearing sandals in snow.. my poor obese toes might get frostbite, which would be a shame really, seeing as they look rather commical.


I'm listening to a Russian song :| which actually sounds better that it's English alternative.. how awesome ;D

Ooo my grandpops is here (: my five squid has just arrived ;D

Laterss loviesssss



  1. OMG....
    I think you may have broken a new world record XD

  2. a new world record for what ?!


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