Tuesday, 22 September 2009

give me nice curves yoda. NOT flab you tard.

Ahoyhoy homies, I have over eaten on pringles and feel like an utter hog right now, I must confess. There wasn't much reason to eat the bloody things, so it wasn't even worth it :| I mean just. WHY ?! Why.

Hannah's brother's got swine flu xD not that I find it amusing, but it would make me WEE if he came out with a curly tail at the end of it (':
I'm not the evil type at all I swear.. Ahem.
Dear God I can'nae find a single song I like on my itunes, 'tis not goooood. I think it's time for something NEW and FRESH and REVITALISING and WOW. Well, I'd be happy with something good to be truthful, but I s'pose WOW could work. Unless it was a song purely consisting of some sad soul shouting WOW every 3 and a half seconds.. Typically known as the WOW song, or to those who have taste, utter shite.

I am in fact warning you lovely people I am about to attempt to do yoga, after about a fortnight of not doing it because of poxy school WUBBISH. And therefore I may die in the attempt. If I do die, my body to be found 3 days after my death, by my mom finally wondering where the eff I am having been lost in the mound of clothes.. Then I want to be cremated and have my history text book burnt with me along with a lock of finest Stefaniak hair. I say lock, with Stefaniak it's more of a chunk.. I want my dogs to wear black and my mum to pretend to cry very effectively (:
That is all. I think my will's been sorted :D

Today's really not been too bad actually, I mean everyone's now lurgied up on my cold (sorry) and JC did another award winning cock up of the new time tables.. But yeah, it's been good (: Biologly with Lorna May Bumcrack (': I remember our childhood so well.. We relive it ever lesson we have together xD and for once in Chem I didn't feel entirely thick ! And Dr Smith has finally admitted she can't say the name "Roz" for love nor money. Let alone food. PFFT !

Buttt either way, for pretty much the first day, I DIDN'T GET ANY HOMEWORK ! I could come home and watch Gilmore Girls without feeling there were a million and one things to do before I should (': it was good. VERY good.
Sadly I forgot I still have to finish of some chem homework and do an effing story board for tomorrow, but meh (:

Oh, and Nicholarse has been a royal twat again. Not that it surprises me. They day he ISN'T a twat shall be the day I die of shock. Hmm, boyfriend please ? Jokess (: I do still want one, but seriously, lonely bloggers corner ? I don't think so..


Yoda mein fuhrer. FIGHT THAT FLAB ! Gracias.

Yoga, Yoda.. Yoga. Yoda. Yoga/Yoda. Can you tell how cool I am ? (':

S'later ;)



  1. I tried yoga once and pulled some muscle in my knee. I was in extreme pain and physically could not straighten it out for like five minutes. Most of the pain went away when whatever the muscle was popped back in. I had to wear a knee brace for like a week though. GOOD LUCK!!!

    Still no luck with a boyfriend? Sure does suck doesn't it. I'm sorry for your misfortunes and wish you better luck next time.

    No homework? You are soooooo lucky. Everyday I end up with at least 2-3 hours of that shit!!! I should be doing it now. But I like your blog better than my bio book (: My mother would kill me if she walked into my room right now and saw me blogging!!! Have fun with the Gilmore girls. See you in the next post!!!

  2. Meaningless eating...? I can relate........

    The word verification.
    This is beyond fate....


    D': i have maths.


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