Thursday, 17 September 2009


In the nature of laziness I forgot to mention that the whole school, 6th form, too much homework fandango plus a really lousy cold (swine flu) makes me stupidly sleepy and utterly knackered.

Hmm, I have critical thinking tomorrow.. Sleepy time much ?

Ahh, must dash, Nic's chatting :P

Tatss x


  1. Who needs sleep? lol

    I do actually. Between school and my weekend job, I can't ever sleep late again until thanksgiving break from school.

  2. Arwwww, sleep is good (: I have to stay up to do a load of darn history notes which I failed to in class..
    Mainly 'cause I was too busy chatting :D

  3. I hate having to stay up late. That post you wanted to see is in the comments section of "this sucks" by the way.


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