Monday, 21 September 2009

GAHHHH. effing smegging fecking POOP.

Oh roll on tomorrow. Earlier I was kinda enjoying today.. Not having to be in the midst of some utter idiots, namely Callum Tipping and several friends who have been acting weird with me lately. But now.. Argh, I'm fed up to be frank. Joshuna my lesbo's busy, probably with his missesssss, Bills is being utterly.. Odd. I dunno. I really don't know anymore ): I think I was wrong before and all.

Everything just seems a tad.. poop tinted. I mean I'm discussing Callum Tipping feeling my backside up for Christ's sake :| I just want someone normal, ish, and nice and huggable and friggin' NEAR ME.
My head's still pulsating, guess I'm not helping myself by listening to the new You Me At Six album. I say it's a new album, it's basically a rerelease. But bleh, technicalities. I love it (: I would love to go and see them live some day. I'm hoping next summer to be a whole festival fest, I NEED IT !! Ohhh crap.

Gone all moochy :/

Don'nae like it. I wanna flaming hug and stuffs. The prospect of school and lessons tomorrow just seems too much, which is rather stupid seeing as I shouldn't be doing overly much. Hopefully. It's just thinking of catch up, homework, text books and the THING that is Callum Tipping ):
Some save me ?


If anyone has a cure for moochiness let me know, music's failing atm, my mind is set ! But then again my mind's been f*cked around a fair bit today. Migrane's are evil. As I said before :/ Great. Now I'm repeating myself.. Ah, byebye will to write and talk and everything else.


Time for bed. Nightnight homies. Happy things to follow (:

S'later x


  1. For me, I want someone kinda normal, but not too normal. Mainly someone with an open mind. I really hate being so shy tho. It's so hard for me to approach someone and when I finally do, it's too late. But I def don't want someone like the the girl my friend is after. She sent him some pics of her making out with another girl!! That would make me a tad uncomfortable.

    Look at me. I used to be a deprived, sheltered kid and now I'm chatting about my love life with a European stranger. lol. Thanks for listening anyway.

    I don't exactly know what moochiness is, but when I've got medical or personal problems I eat. Luckily, I dont gain weight, ever. So try having some snacks. That may help

  2. Ahh, normal but not abnormally boring :D shyness can be evil. I still tend to get shy around new people, especially if they're seen to be one of the "popular" kids. I'm more of a reject who finds sanity in a relatively small collection of people (:
    Some guys seem to find girl on girl attractive. In fairness, one of my friend's has been trying to turn me bi bless her, but I don't think I'm going to give in (:

    I'm not a European stranger !! I'm and English woman ! Well, teenage girl if you want to be picky. I like listening so no probs (:

    Moochiness is basically being down. And I can't eat, I get too fat ):

  3. I don;t find girl on girl too attractive. It's kinda hot and all, but I really wouldn't wanna go out with a girl like that. I asked my friend why he wanted her so much. He said that there was a high possibilty of a threesome. I'm really not into that. I guess I'm just old-fashioned that way. I'd be perfectly fine with experimenting with positions though (When I become sexually active. I'm still a pure virgin. I'm not one of those people who wants to wait til marriage though).

    "Popular" kids... in my school they're the biggest dicks. I really don't hang out with them too much. I have some popular friends, but I like to stick with my own group.

    Do you have an AIM screen-name or other instant messaging account or has that level of trust not been reached yet? It would just be nice not to have to wait a day for a response. I completely understand if your uncomfortable with that tho.

  4. PAHAAAA. Sorry, typical guy "chance of a threesome." shallow git. Anywayyy (: I'm not judgemental.. Lol, I'm not tbh, but seriously, that is kinda pathetic.
    Ahh, I feel the virgin thing m'homie. It sucks to be a teenager ;D
    Friends mean the world (:

    Yeahh, I have msn.. ? Same thing right.. ?


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