Monday, 14 September 2009

a philosophical mind..a cure ?

Not smegging likely to be honest m'homies. More like a cure comes in the form of philosophical thoughts. I think. Maybe :/


Today has been the true begining of A levels, rather irritating having to spend the entire duration of my free period first thing hunting for biology teachers, namely Frainey darling, and maths teachers which actually had a free. The trouble with changing subjects ehhh ?
Having said that, managed to get it sorted at break (: meant I had to go to biology 4th but I guess it was a good thing, I've missed a fair bit and biology was never something I was amazing at, plus they're starting coursework next week :| thanks for the warning guys.. Ah well, only have myself to blame really.

Had to resort to buying a locker today, the amount of text books and folders and other general crap I have to lug round with me was getting rediculous, by the time I put everything down, with a noteably loud crash might I add, my arm was actually shaking with the strain :| it was a bit like when my brother was intirely dependant on caffine. He really did look like a druggy tbh, he also got into a bit of a mess at AS :/ ah well. Git managed to get into a pretty darn good uni anyway. I blame his girlfriend ;) lolsss.
Had so much catching up to do :| who'd have thought that missing one measly day just to go and see another bloody 6th form could result in stupid amounts of catching up on notes. I could have cried when I found out I had to catch up on not only biology, but a heck of alot of history, and a fairly vital part of chem :| WHY ??!?!?!?

Failed to find Stefaniak darling as well at lunch so looks like I'm for the guillotine tomorrow ;D and Bromley was nowhere to be found. Shocker. She spent so much time off, even when I was in main school it was like she had reoccurring swine flu..

AH !

In other news flashes, my darling Archibold may have lassooed herself a nice little bit of manliness (: and no, she has not managed to retrieve her penis from me, but there is a small chance that some guy is deeply devoted to the smashing tart (':
Good luck to him tbh, once he finds out she has a penis she's toast.

Well, thats unless of course he likes a bit of both and wouldn't mind trying anal.. PAHAAAAAA. That'll be the day..

OOOOO found some zippo lighters in a key shop thing in Hinckley as well, might see if I can persuade my brother to buy one for me (: they're hot (': and no, I don't smoke, I just love fire, and candles.. Oh so many candless. In fact I used to have a nasty habit of just about suffocating myself because I had so many lit and didn't want to open my windows for fear they'd all go out.
That or set fire to my ugly curtains..
Meh ;D

I'm gonna go drink coffee and mull over my thoughts (:



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