Saturday, 12 September 2009

E.T's back home

Well actually I've just rediscovered my blog and need an emotional outlet tbh.

Started back at JC on Friday, well, proper lessons started on Tuesday, Friday and Monday were basically piss takes of "induction" days. Team building: let's build a tower out of paper to get to know people's names ;D why the hell not ?! Ironically my team's tower won, despite the fact it was only about a foot tall.. There was a side running rule saying that it had to be able to stand up, unsupported for a minute. Ours did xD that's how cool my tutor group is..
In fact for like a month before I went back to school, I was trying to get into a different sixth form, Lutterworth in fact. Mainly because the induction day in July was utterly diabolical and a disgrace to 6th forms across the country. I hated it, simply. So that and the fact that my darling Archibold was abandoning me for Lutterworth made me eager to get away. But in fact, JC isn't that bad for 6th form.. my lessons so far have been rather pleasant, especially the second history lesson.. Room in 6th form where you could see the study area outside the door, VERY hot 6th former (: was a lovely little staring session at eachother, mmmm. (':

Anyway, I actaually managed to go to Lutterworth to see what it was like yesterday, and tbh I didn't enjoy it that much. Probably because I was an utter loner in all my lessons, but I dunno, it was just.. weird. Either way I've decided to rest my size 12 bottom at JC (: also had to change from maths to biology. For some unknown reason my brain didn't realise I'd need biology to do forensics at uni, and I wasn't gonna do anything with maths anyway. Seems a logical thing to drop it, especially as I felt an utter thicky. MEH ! I no longer care !!


'tis a calming thought (':

In other news, I'm actually really broody for a boyfriend ): it's terrible. Especially seeing as Sebastian's lovely new personal message is about this girl he likes, so I feel utterly crap, which is really rediculous because I shouldn't CARE if he has a new love interest or not. He dumped me TWICE !! Once before my birthday !! As I've stated on facebook, my brain and my heart have issues :/ and on msn, I think my heart's a useless organ. Obviously I mean in relation with my emotions, not that it's ACTUALLY a useless organ.. I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for my heart. Shut up Rozz. You're an effing fool.

I need yoga, SLEEEEP !!!! And some good friends, not to mention perhaps, the infiltration of a lovely little boyfriend perhaps (:
Ah, a girl can dream, hope and pray <3

Laters my darlings (:

Oh, and I will actually try and blog more reguarly now (: now I'm back into the whole school thing, and now I have free periods and PERHAPS a Blackberry on which to blog from l'escole (:



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