Thursday, 17 September 2009

SLEEEEEEP. maybe ?

I never realised 6th form would be such a huge effort. I don't like the fact that I am forced to leave my comfy nest of a bed at 7 then attempt to look human, only to have a half hour walk to school at which point my hair goes poofy and my face just becomes.. well. A mess.
And the amount of text books and similar shit I have to carry is getting rediculous, at least after A level I'm going to have the most beautifully defined arm muscles.. Homework every night isn't a favourite of mine either :/ to be frank I detest it. Uber pointless. Well, not pointless, just time consuming and boring. GAH !!

Otherwise I like being back at school tbh, good to see people and actually make new homies (': it makes me happy. Especially when they're as retarded as meee xD

Today was alright actually. I mean I'm not allowed to take Forensic Science BTEC because of bloody critical thinking, but all I really need to forensics at uni is Chem and Biology (: Critical thinking will be a lovely thing to drop after AS though, the look on my teachers face when he finds out everyone's dropped it.. How.. revitalising :D
Annddd I had a free 4th period so moseyed into town. On my larry, but still. Meant I could get lunch, hot chocolate and strepsils (: I wasn't complaining. Burnt my tongue on the hot chocolate ALOT though. Ouch.


Billsy bob has a flacid penis.


The lesbo being Joshuaaa (': I've missed the raving tart, he hasn't abused me for so long it feels slightly alien now. One day I shall leap on him and call him a true tart and bless him with his first cod piece (:
I really have no idea what I'm on about anymore.. THE SWINE FLU (cold.) HAS TAKEN OVER.

I've been eaten by miniture pigs. Moo.

I've just decided Bills sucks. Mainly becauseeee... I'm not going to say actually. He might read this. (which I doubt but meh.)

Anywayyy, I have an application form to fill in, homework to do and a bath to leap in soooon. So, for now my dear freaks, especially Emily the TARD. And Lorna May Bumcrack ;) I shall leave you with this thought..

Cremated roots.

Laters ;)



  1. Hahahhahhaha ok? School is a real bitch for me this year. Homework every night, afetr school clubs, and a pain in the ass mother who's always on my back can really add to the stress I'm already feeling. Seeing my friends again is nice though.

    I think I may be getting sick. Woke up with a sore throat. Better not be swine flu :P

  2. Ahh, how old are you ? Cause American years are odd compared to ours :P Then again, your qualifications are different as well ;D lol.

    Arww, it won't be swine flu, 'tis all a farce :D


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