Friday, 25 September 2009

good times, good times (':

And so today I was actually debating if I'd had a good day or not. That sounds uber rediculous and I should be shot for typing it but BLEH. Cause in chem this morning, it was rather sound, but biology killed it a bit.. I didn't really have a clue what was going on or what I was supposed to be doing and Froob just seemed to be more interested in attacking me and talking to George.
Froob always seems to enjoy attacking me and hitting me and generally abusing me :| I mean I know my hair can be percieved to be of ginger colour, but it doesn't mean you can abuse me !! GAH !

Chemistry with Cameron was epic though (': AND I managed to only drop 3 marks in the homework that the evil Dr Smith set. And I only realised there were about 15 more bits to the questions I had to do than I originally thought.. ANYWAY. Yeah, I managed to do fairly well so it made me happy :D especially as Smith always thinks I'm completely thick. But yeah, good times with Cameron stressing over his darling logs.. It began a whole series of such things as "The Logs" "log on log" "WAR OF THE LOGS !" the latter of which we plan to film round JC ;)

Yeah, we find logs amusing ;D

Then the history lesson of which I was pretty much dreading all day, didn't turn out too badly thanks to Jake and Stefaniak not being a TOTAL dragon. Something we'd talked about earlier in the week about a certain C.D. and then something we noticed while gazing out the window set it all off and I spent much of the lesson shaking with tears forming due to hysterics ;D good times ! Thenn, english lit was a pain, pretty much. Sylvia Plath was one disturbed woman.. Thenn, I got another hour session with Stefaniak ;D another hour of giggling helplessly with Jake over Faniak's polish husband's relatives.. Stasher and Basher ;) we're too cool.. She actually killed about 20 minutes talking to us about the Polish people (':
She's not completely terrible it seems (: But then again, there are only 7 people in my history class..


V for Vendetta, arguably one of THE best films ever made. I actually love it. Talking of films, went round Archi's tonight and spent many hours salivating over oreos and The Simpsons movie, we're really that cool. Do miss the turd though ): Ahh, just for half term where I can sleep !!

Mmmm, my pj's are so wonderfully comfy ^_^
So tired and weary, and aching actually.. That one's a tad odd.. Ah. Just remembered the text books I've had to lug around pretty much all day, bad times. Daft idea of mine to take subjects which arm you with evil books that you MUST carry on pain of death. I have pretty much made me suicidal for the next year at least with the AS levels I've taken. Just have to wait to see what I really need to take for A2.. Gah (:

I think I've managed to ramble on for long enough, oh, just a note to say that I've sorted the photos on my blog with the new template. Annnddd Nick I just wanted to give a little mention cause your lovely how you manage to read most my blogs (: anndd, I've accepted you on msn (:

Latersss homiesss (':


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  1. Thanks for mentioning me and accepting me on msn. I hope we get to chat soon (:

    School was o.k. for me today. I know I told you I wasn't looking forward to it, but it wasn't so bad. For some reason, my friend was exaggerating the situation. Whatever, I can probably take the apology post down now because people really aren't that pissed at me.

    I've never seen V for vendetta, but I have seen the simpson's movie. It was alright. I've always been more of a family guy fan though.

    Well, goodnight! I hope your aching, tiredness, and weariness goes away.


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