Wednesday, 30 September 2009

nothing more than a sigh.

Indeed, a sigh says it all when it says nothing at all. 

Today's been kinda odd really.. Chem was okay, Cameron managed to spray water everywhere and begged me not to be evil when I was "assessing" him, meaning I told him everything that was on the sheet, then let him wing it. Thennn, "PDP" otherewise known as total shite, was dull as anything, biology really did just kill the whole day. 
Hate hate HATE it right now. 

Thenn, managed to escape critical thinking 'causee of some drama crap that was talking about driving, blahhhh. Yarp. Ironic that it is that I'm seeing an ex of mine tomorrow and he's supposed to be taking me for a drive. In a car. Sound ?
English Lit is the one thing that kills all joy, shame I had it last really.. Bleh. Ah well, my own choice for taking it I s'poseee. My class is just rediculously small. And crap.

Lunch was actually okay.. Microlite hovering around the school, in the sky.. Obviously.. Now known as peado in the sky (': we are so darn inventive. Thomas Roe got the piss taken out of him, courtesy of me, Zoe and Hannah. 

Hurumppp, today and yesterday actually, all I've been thinking about is Sebastian.. Again. Darn it. I don't know if it's a good thing or bad. Y'see on Monday he started talking to me again, so I rang him cause he asked me. We ended up talking for about two hours, was good to be frank. But I don't know if he wants anything or not )': GAH.
Just wanna knowwww m'homies..

Everything's somehow managed to annoy me as soon as I got home as well. Neicht good, I think I need a nice sleep, no homework for a month and a hunky piece of man to snuggle up to (': Sound. I think.. Bills has been mute for a while :/ so no idea what's happening there, Phillip's in Leicester now so might meet up with HIM on Saturday. Supposed to be seeing Matt on Thursday, really hope he gets I don't like him in THAT way.. Then possibly meeting up with Luke, but doubt that and not too worried about it to be honest (':

Mmmm, good music soothes everything ;D

I want Seb )': GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Dunno if he wants me. I sniff a problem chumsss, help ? Or not actually. I don't take my own advice let alone anyone elses. I am one huge twit of a girl. *prays to God*
Don't laugh, I actually do..

Anywayy, since their music is cheering me up slightly, I thought I'd grace this post with a photo of the epic You Me At Six. It's love (':



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