Monday, 28 September 2009

well well well

Just look what the cat dragged in..
Milburn (':

Anyway, I'm not here to recite Milburn lyrics, I'm here to write a blog about today and my thoughts and blah blah effing blah, whatever I usually lob into my blogs which people, for whatever reason, decide to read (':
Not that I'm complaining, I love that people read my random, messy, daft frantic typings, it makes me smile that people follow me :D

And so, today. Today has been rather crap actually, I had first period free which I enjoyed immensely actually, I needed it as well. Had a stupid history essay to finish off, really couldn't be bothered, but I somehow managed to write some bullcrap that might be worth something. Then chem wasn't brilliant to be frank, just wasn't in the mood. Plus my effing padlock had broken between free period and second, meaning I had to lug every sodding text book round with me. Well, actually, Fran let me shove some stuff in there, I'm eternally grateful (':
Thenn, history sucked. It uber sucked. Not only did I have to hand in the essay, and the lesson was spent making an effing powerpoint, but I was effectively sitting on my own, then I started thinking about Seb and the tears came. Bad times )':

Biology was dull as anything. English lit last was utter poop. Only good bit of the day was lunch, which was only really spent talking to Amelia, GOOD TIMES !!
The photo I found of Stephen on facebook was epic (': in fact it's so good, I have to grace this blog with it.. I really, REALLY do. Gimmie a min to find it..

Ahaaa, sorted (':

I must say thank you to Rebbeccaaaaa as well, we have an uber cool conversation on facebook.. We really are that cool I tell you ;) good times talking about starbucks, tree humping, the failure of men, liver abuse.. Sounddd (':
And now I have a headache, it's effing killing me mon. I need nurofen, but I feel I really shouldn'nae take it. Not good for me :/ 

Ah fweelllllll, time to concentrate on waking the dead methinks, and the lovely Lady Grey tea I'm currently slurping ;D

Laterssss ;)



  1. What an abnormally large ass!!!

    I had no school today!! Thank goodness for jewish holidays lol

    How long has it been since you and Seb broke up? I saw that you still had a pic of him on your other blog which leads me to believe it was recently. Cheer up tho. Everything will be fine. It always is. Hang in there (:

    I'm not much of a tea person. When it comes to hot drinks in the morning, I stick to hot chocolate.

  2. BITCH. :'(

    Byebye wrists //////////

  3. My ass is not huge, the fat jokes are starting to hurt. D:

  4. waheyyyy! that's my garden :'D

    and naww poor stephen.

  5. Arwww Nick, his arse isn't fat ! It's merely toned (:
    Stephennn we loveee yooouuuuuuuuuuuu <3
    promise :D it made me smiiiile, it was the thing that cheered me up on Sunday !! C'monn ):

    Your ass isn't huge (:

    Your garden is Stephen's lap dancing playground (': I'm rather jealous !

  6. Oh, and Niiiiick, He dumped me about 5 months ago.. The photo on my blog's been up for ages

  7. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you and had no knowledge of your being hurt by fat jokes. Please forgive me?

  8. it's simply cause we blog Becca Joeeeee (':

    Arwww, well done Nick (:


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