Thursday, 22 October 2009

i'm backk and i'm tiiiiiiiiired.

In fact, my bottom graced British soil yesterday at half 5 when we landed. I had an urge to fall to my knees on the aspalt and kiss the tarmac. Yes.... I was happy to be back in England (:
I get ENGLISH tv, ENGLISH food, ENGLISH speaking people and my own effing bed !! Oh I could have cried with happiness, I rather missed my messy little room and my furry freaks, and scrubs, and friends, and BEANS. 
Barcelona was bien, but not as spectacular as we anticipated to be fraaank. Either way, was fuunnnn (: Daisy was an unadulterated retard as expected, and we managed to find fun with a bottle of vino and some cheesy snacks.. observe.

Yarp, we are seriously that cool ^_^ but cheesy wotsit thing up your nose is disgusting. Arch did find an immenseway to eject them though, I about choked on alcohol. Effin' tart. 

Urgh, ever since Thursday evening I've been on a total MEH thang. I mean I was happy to get home, 'specially as I've discovered I don't particuarly love flying :/ but I dunno. Might be because Ian's being really weird with me and I don't know why. I'm fed up of being confused when it comes to boykind !! I really would like a man to have on a leash and call my own still. Bad times !! Anndddd Joshunaaaa says I've changed :/ I'm worried ?

Ohhh ppooooooop. I have however, managed to tidy my room up and unpack withing a day of getting home ^_^ that's a miracle and a record for me. Usually the suitcase stays full for at least a month after I get home. Pure laziness (:

Anywayyy, I really fancy a starbucks.. ZOMG ! There was Starbucks in Barcelona xD FOOOOOKIN loved it :D annddd because I love it that much, that and the fact that I think I look kinda pretty in this photo, I'm going to bung it on here for one and all to see it ^_^ enjoy ?

It made me happy okay ?! Ahhhhh, that caramel macchiato tasted so darn good seeing as I was in dire need of Starbucks and caffine.. The cookie was disappointingly small though.. The ones you get in England are MAHUUUUUSIVE and well worth the 2 quid or whatever they are (':
Right, I'm going to poke Ian and see if he is actually going to respond to texts or whatever, if not I'm either spending tomorrow in Leicester on my todd or doing effin' work. Grrrrr.

Tataaaaaaaa loviesss

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