Saturday, 10 October 2009

haroo - hurumph ?

Today has been a tad obscure, last few days of school was just dire. Really hated last week, especially chem 'cause it completely depressed me when I realised I was failing. Near enough. Well. Yeah, I'm failing and badly )':
A levels and myself are having major marital differences...

Today started off really rather craply to be frank, just couldn't wake up and was supposed to meet Phillip at half 12, ended up meeting him at 1 because I didn't have the effort to get up and ready for the half 11 train. Really was a waste of time as well.
I was utterly bored to death :| I really don't want to have to think about financial stuff until I reach uni or something. So not only was it boring, it was bloody depressing. BOO.

But thennnnnnnnnn Ian (Slap Face) saved me ^_^ well actually I just lied to Phillip and said I had to go home.. LIES !! xD
And yeah, had a good few hours with Ian, Rory, Kelly, Molly and Anna (: good times (': but really missed Archibold ): cause the silly tart had too much work to do to see me on Friday ): bad times. Annddd yeah. I tripped up the stairs in River Island making a complete TIT of myself. Good one Reg. Then ended up giggling manically about Ian and guys clothes... T'was good. AND I finally managed to get the trousers I wanted from H&M ^_^ it means I'm not broke, but I haven't saved up as much as I hoped towards a Blackberry ): poop.

Got home fairly late and just went on facebook to find something that made me feel crappy. Stupid stupid STUPID. Annnddd then I realised how I don't really fit in anywhere and that made me feel worse. Not only that but my phone is pissing me off big time :/ I'm a tad gah right now ): sorry. Today was really good between seeing Phillip and getting home :/

Hmm, nightnight

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  1. So how much more needs to be saved before you can get a blackberry?

    Sometimes its better not to fit in. You should be proud that you're Reg, and no one else. Reg is amazing and I hope she doesn't try and change herself. Last I heard, she does have friends (I'm can proudly say that I'm one of them) and a decent life. Not too much longer and she'll have a blackberry. And she's addicted to coffee, which is rather humorous. Take a moment and think about all the positives, and for the negatives... tell them to get the fuck outta here.

    I've tripped on a curb many times before so you really didn't make as much a tit of yourself as you could've.

    Who cares about chemistry? It's useless anyway.


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