Saturday, 3 October 2009

wanna wake up and start againnnn

Rooster lyrics (': I do love them. I do love a heck of alot of music actually, it either makes me smile, makes me cry or makes me want to at least. Makes me go hyper and dance like a caffinated pillock that should take residence in a mental asylum, andd yeah. My trail of thought has danced off and now I have images if twirling and leaping gaily in a mental home with all the occupants dribbling and trying to claw me :|

Ahh, the joys of a very image prone imagination.. Dumdidumm, 'tis Saturday morning, well, half 11 ;D anddd I decided to tap out a post for you loverrrly people, because I simply love you all so much and think that you want to read this wubbish ^_^ 
Pahaaaa, Stephen's decided to let me know that I should be going into town laterrr by commenting on my post thing for FarmVille on Facebook (': good times. I'm on level 22 now xD how sad am I for effs sake ? :|


Sleepy (': I blame Rhodri, I ended up texting him until about 1am last night, fell asleep texting him as well ;D woke up this morning to several texts saying 
"have you gone to sleep bab ?" 
"ROZZZZZZZZZZZ wake up )':" 
"you suck Roz. )':

So yeah, fun times (': I think.. Blah blah blahhhh. Wanna go majorly happy and act like a full on retard. I think that might happen anyway if I'm venturing into Leicester with Stephen, Daisy, the Futch, Scott and possibly Amelia (': good times. 

I loveeeee music mon (':

Talked to Bills yesterday actually, t'was fun. Thennn I went to Asda. What FUN !!! OOOOO AND I got all my GCSE art junk back yesterday ^_^ so happy to see my final exam piece and exam book !!!! It's the only part of art I really enjoyed.. But carrying it home was an absolute MISSION :| usually takes me half an hour to walk the mile and a half home, but yesterday it almost took me an hour, I cannot believe it was so effing heavy :| on top of the art, I had a folder with 3 heavy text books. Faaaantastic. I couldn't use my arms/hands for ages after I got home. It was horrible ):

Least with some of my better art pieces, my room can start to look beeaaauuttiiiiiiful :D 
Hopefully ;D

Bugger bugger bugger.. Later I have to do sodding 6th form work )': bumbumbum POOOP. That's what I think of it. That and the JC art department actually. Y'see all the GCSE work had been shoved into this poxy little cupboard and my stuff wasn't with the rest of my classes. So I spent ages, all of lunch in fact, looking for my bloody folder, then Hannah Taylor found it (: But I went to ask if the art dept. could help me. They were about as helpful as a chocolate teapot, telling me to eff off. I was pissed. Anwayy (':

This is my exam piece and one of my favourite pieces of GCSE art (': what d'you think.. ?




  1. That picture is awesome. I love the Asian symbols (Chinese or Japanese?). They give the picture so much character. What medium did you use. It looks like colored pencil, which I dread. Always end up screwing up the picture with colored pencil.

    Don't worry about the mental asylum. Maybe you can find yourself a nice rubber room where no one can claw at you. Nice and safe bouncing off the walls. Sounds like a good time lol.

  2. Thank youuu, I draw it all myselff ^_^ lolss. Good times with GCSE art (': They're chinese btw (:
    Urmm, watercolour pencil, some are just pencil, others I've actually used water as well (: I love colouring in with pencil, I screw it up with every other medium :/

    I want the mental asylum though ! Hmmm, rubber walls... BOUNCY CASTLEEE !!


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