Thursday, 15 October 2009


My head effin' hurts :| woke up late this morning, starting to get to be a habit that actually :/ and felt like utter shit. Thennn had to mission it to school in the raaaiiinnnnn, didn't have time to do ANYTHING to my hair so I probably looked slightly trampy. Urgh.
Bad day much ?

Stuck it out for the first three periods, then saw absolutely no point in staying for a free period, lunch, and then a crappy Biology lesson with Duerdin. So went home at 12ish, felt like collapsing half way home my body feels that wubbish :| basically been lying on the sofa curled under a blanket and watching E4 ever since I got back. I just acheee all effing overrrr. 
Bleh. Shush Reg. Things could be worse.

Ian has swiiiine flu and all. I reckon it was him that lurgified me up :/ arghhhhhhhh, I wish my brain would stop thinking things as well, cause I've made myself UBER confused. Not only confused, I was amazingly depressed last night because of my stupid brain babbling to itself. It's just stupid !!

Hmmmmmm. I'll stop moaning now, haven't written a post for ages and don't particuarly wanna start off moaning again. 

Howeverrrrrr, the legend of the film that is Hocus Pocus has been keeping me company alot lately, it's so good !! I mean so old and so stupidly tacky, but it's simply amazing. In fact me and Daisy are planning on traipsing into Leicester on Halloween dressed as the Sanderson sisters (': anyone care to joinn ? 

Seriously, I'm so stupidly, horribly tired and fed up of thinking of doing work every night then getting up evily early and having to mooch to school. So next week has to be good !! I hope get to see Ian for movie nightssss (': and Dais and everyone else of courseee :D But Ian's my pink cheeked cockrel guy thang ;D

Hmmm, my body hurts and I feel poopy, sooooo, back laterrr possibly (: Got homework to do if I'm venturing into school tomorrow..
Byesssssss (':


  1. I feel the same but have to go in tomorrow. Should just collapse when I get home so I'm good for UPPPPPPPP ;) :D

  2. Hi! I can't wait for Halloween! I'm gonna be Santa Claus.

    Hocus Pocus was alright. It didn't really appeal to me that much.

    I hope you stop feeling like such crap soon. Being sick sucks very much!

  3. Stephen Stephen STEPHEENNNNN. We're SO going UP tomorrow ;) it's gonna be goooood MON.

    Hocus Pocusss FTW !

    Nick, pffft !! You must watch it with retards at some point in life, it'll be SO much better !! and thank you (:


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