Thursday, 1 October 2009

the best is yet to come..

Put your heart out there, 
don't be scared who might get hurt, 
'cause it's all worth it in the end..

I'm not so sure I believe those lyrics anymore, courtesy of Hinder. Sorry for being as depressing as a stupid amount of rather evil biology homework, but it's the way I feel and it's MY blog, so bleh. Your reading so I'm asuming your partially interested.. Today's been another day which I started out dreading, mainly because I stayed up late last night to do two measly pieces of homework, neither of which was actually asked for today. Pissed was I.
So yeah, biology is especially crap, I have no care for embryonic stem cell research to be FRANK. Gah. At least the english had a bit of art history lobbed in it which is always fun, took me back to the days of GCSE art.. Those carefree times (':

Anywayy, yeah. Not the happiest of bunnies last night. Specially cause I was waiting for Sebastian to talk to me. Shouldn't have effing bothered, hence the previous post.. Well, one of the reasons behind it in any case. 
But today didn't turn out too catastrophic thank God. Chem was especially pleasant, I've discovered I can pretty much ace titration :D got the results within 0.05 of eachother and it only had to be within 0.1 of eachother ^_^ get me.. Chem nerd (':
Howeverrr, english is best not mentioned, the room I have that irritation of a woman in is uber opressive, actually gives me a headache :| can't wait for last lesson tomorrow when I have it again.. 

History was blah, then a free which turned into me frantically researching osmosis for fear I would epicly fail the practical I had to do in my lunch. HEAMOLYSED !! Annndddd crenated, not cremated ;) I felt like a biology geek for that practical and all ;D
Biology practical went fairly well actually, was worried before I went in, but wasn't too terrifying really. Only problem was, Alicia who ACTUALLY hates me to hell and back, just happened to be doing it as well. Had to giggle when she stood at the other end of the corridor before we went in. Freakin' tard. But yeah, stirring horses blood.. Yum ? I got bored waiting for the 15 minutes to be up so I could prod the test tube, so ended up fiddling with the blood and syringes (': those windows might be stained for a while..

Thennn, I walked into S5 in the middle of registration by accident, cause I finished when it had run into registration, I thought period 5 had started. I was wrong. In any case, the twit that is one of 3 biology teachers that I have, wasn't there so it involved a fun traipse over to 6th form. Thenn we didn't get the work till about half 2, at which point we decided fuck it. Wrote the work down the went home. Fun walk with Sarah.. We're too cool (':

Howeverrr, since I got home things have just been poop. Really need to stop eating. Annnddddd Sebastian did finally talk to me, made me feel UBER SHITE. Grr D: not happy )': and the song "love long distance" should be played constantly in his ear for 5 years before he gets that I can't help effing loving the poxy prat. Yes, I don't like it. 


And Hannah's really irritating the fuck out of me right now. I'm pretty sure she doesn't read this, but she really effing is. GRRR !! I could happily spend a week seeing new people and old tards that make me smile. I dislike school right now, well, more the excessive homework, crap teachers and lessons that make me want to put my head on my arms and sleep for the rest of my life. Bleh, need to lighten up. And buy more nurofen. Getting alot of headaches lately, and this cold still hasn't gone away ! Uneffingbelievable.

Oh, Sylvia Plath is officially one of the most disturbed, annoying and frankly WUBBISH poets known to man. That woman was never happy :| she dreamed of death and shagging her father. Ewwww. At least I have a tendancy to be happy when my feelings aren't being screwed with, don't particuarly want to die. Not realisticly anyway. Annnddd I would rather chew off my own arm than consider sleeping with someone who may be a "father" to me. Urgh.

Anyway, off to listen to music and deliberate over feelings :/ Coffee ? I think so (':


  1. I got my internet back! It was out like the whole night. Don't know if I'll get a chance to go on MSN tonight tho.

    Us guys are good at making girls feel like crap. A characteristic of which I despise. Luckily, I've sorta trained myself to treat women with the utmost respect. Hasn't gotten me anywhere yet.

    Glad school was alright for you. Sorry about the troubles after getting home. Feel better!!! :)

  2. Ahaaa !! The immense return of the internet (': good times..
    All guys have a tendancy of making girls feel shite pretty much, but then again, girls have a habit of making girls feel uber crap :/ good on you for turning out decently (:

    Thanks (: I'll try !!


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