Monday, 5 October 2009

chemistry has miraculously disappeared !

That is of course, a total lie. Basically I can't be bothered with it at all tonight, and it doesn't actually have to be in until Wednesday, annndddd so I've rammed it into my folder and am pretending it no longer exists :D
Happy Rozz.

Well, relatively (':

"Revenge is sweeter than you ever were"
I absolutely love those lyrics. Yeah, I think (and hope) the feelings that I was hoarding for Sebastian have disintegrated somewhat. I hope ! It's all kinda happened since I rang him on Saturday or Sunday or Friday or whenever the eff it was. I just realised how much of a twat he really was, I knew he was probably cheating on me when we were going out.. Proves love is bloody stupid. That's if it WAS love.. The mystery feeling that mimics love.. and no it's not lust you hormonal people.

Well yeah. 

Anyway, on Sunday my darling Grandpops brought with him a DVD in addition to my usual 5 squid as to enlighten me on how it was to be a laaaady in the 19th century in Britain. Hmm. Interesting ? The Duchess.. Really good film actually, very.. thought inspiring. Basically women were treated like shit, husbands had open affairs, yet if they did likewise they weren't seen as very good wives. AHEM what about the twats of husbands ?! Society was so twisted and unbelievable stupid :|
I just really hope I get a decent guy.. And I mean a really decent one. I've had my fair share of liars, cheats, idiots and utter arsehole's. Methinks 'tis time for a change of direction my darling Archibold. Onward and upward should we aim (':

This has turned out kinda short, but y'know (': I'm aiming on an early night which I really need tbh :/ andddd I saw the tasty 6th former again today (': made going in seem worth it. I'm actually not obsessed, it's just he's the only nice looking thing there :\ bad times if that's the case but hey (:

Must leave you to stretch happily in my BEEDDDDD ;D
Good times Mein fruit cakes (':


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  1. I took chemistry last year and it was a biiiiitch. Mainly because the teacher sucked. I put things off a little too often and failed a few tests. I survived though

    I think love is complicated, not stupid. I love love. Unfortunately it does more harm in most cases. I always end up saying to myself this is the one, and I end up crushed. I know you must have been feeling terrible. And finding a really decent guy won't be too hard. trust me. there are more around than you think. I think it's harder to find a decent girl. I found one though. Unfortunately, distance poses a problem. We agreed that being friends was fine though.

    The good old patriarchal society. Pretty retarded if you ask me. Funny, but majorly retarded.

    Sleep well!!!! talk to you soon


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