Tuesday, 29 December 2009

bugger it once more -.-

How in the name of Daisy's oversized granny pants, is it possible to have an amazing friend and everythings all lovely and wonderful etc, and then I go and put my stupid fat bloody foot in it, go and say something stupid and fuck it all up :|

For fucks SAKE.

And the bloody "u" seems unwilling to work with me right now. I want to cry.

Not only have I been one of the worlds biggest pillocks after last night, Sebastian has managed to get a girlfriend. Again. Just why. Why and how?! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I would punch something but frankly I'm too bloody lazy, that and the fact that I'm feeling relatively sick and by punching something it would involuntarily make me hurl.

Bad times my friend, bad TIMES.

And it's only two weeks until my first respectable exam, (critical thinking doesn't count because it's the biggest piss take ever seen in higher education.) I've done nothing but wander aimlessly about, spending money and letting my creative genius shine. Granted all that I got was actually needed and the creativeness was necessary for a late and kinda trashy home made birthday present for my favourite nigga.

I'm a crap friend atm. Gaaahhhhh, roll on 2010, waaaaay here in 3 days. Can'nae wait! Well, I can't wait for the alcohol I'm going to be induced with, willingly of course! Whatever else..

Must dash, have an urge to rant more :/


  1. Bah, you'll be getting pissed, lucky bitch. We are not all so fortunate :/ (N) x

  2. Hahahaaaaaa, hopefully! What are you doing then Leach-boy? (: x


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