Sunday, 27 December 2009


Today marks a marvelous development in my small world, the development being.. I FINISHED FOOOKIN' JANE EYRE! The book that sent me to sleep and only really gets interesting if you make up sub plots such as insinuating that St John is in fact GAY, and that Janeee is a butch lesbian nun. I really do hate it so effing much. 

But it's done! All that's left to do now is write a decent essay on it, finish the partner text and I'm finished with it and I can burn it! BURN IT! Should really have read it about 5 months ago but bleh, who actually cares. Such fun. Ish.

Urghh, now I'm feeling a tad fed up actually, waited for ages to speak to someone, and now I really wish I hadn't. Actually, I mean two people an idiot and a twat. Uber fail there (':

I'm getting into a habit of writing really short posts. Not sure if I'm keen on it tbh. Anyway, POTC calls..


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