Friday, 11 December 2009

definately the bessttt..

Tastiest and most nutritious meal I have ever encountered, coco rocks + milk and coffee.. Just thought I'd share that thought with you (':

Caffine's having a positive affect on me tonight ;D I liiiiikee. Sadly my internet's truly faking up and I think my hard drive's dying again )': I say again.. I don't think it ever stopped, I just 86d the message thing 'cause it was driving me to distraction. Buggeration :/ 

Neicht GUT. 

*sigh* fml on the technology siide of things.

Candlessss (L). and Leicester Sound. Yes, I know I'm unbelievably UBER cool, I don't need people to notify me (': 
I loveeeeeeee the failthful followers that read my drivvle.. Not that many of you do. Or whatever. GAH.

Might change my blog name and URL and similar fandango to something associated with coffee.. Maybe. Don't be surprised if I do ;D.

Na'niiiight noww (:


  1. YES NUTRITIOUS !! It kept me going last night I'll have you know (':


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